E-mail Address Policy
If you supply the HLCS Alumni Association with your e-mail Address through this web site, it will NOT knowingly be given to anyone other than the Officers and Trustees of the Alumni Association (unless requested by a Court of Law). It will ONLY be used by the Alumni Officers and Trustees for delivery of official Alumni business. The Officers and Trustees have no control over your transmission of your information over the internet however. If you include your e-mail address within a "Your Story"* article that you submit to us, and you've given us permission to consider including your article in a future HLCS Alumni newsletter, this paragraph is null and void when your article is published in the newsletter. If you post or reply to a message on the Discussion Board, the terms of service associated with the Discussion Board will govern your e-mail privacy on the Discussion Board.

* "Your Story" is an article that you send to the Alumni Association describing your memories of HLCS.