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Volume 17 - 2013

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2013 ALUMNI BANQUET – At the 2012 banquet, it was decided to have our 2013 banquet in the fall. Many who did not attend last year's banquet have wondered about this year's banquet. The 2013 Banquet will be at Roaring Brook Ranch Resort in Lake George on Saturday, October 12, 2013 (Hors d’oeuvres at 5:30 p.m; Dinner at 6:30 p.m.). The Class of 1963 will be celebrating their 50 year anniversary, however, all classes are encouraged to attend. Reservations must be received before October 4, 2013. Click here for the reservation form (The Reservation form is in pdf format with fill-able fields).

If you sent your reservation close to the deadline, PLEASE call Carol Nelson at 518-696-3729. Let her know you sent your reservation. If you missed the deadline but you still want to attend, call Carol for availability.

We have been looking into having entertainment at the banquet. If you are a DJ or can provide entertainment, or know who we can contact, please call Carol (518-696-3729) or David (518-696-2900) as soon as possible.

OVERNIGHT ACCOMODATIONS – Roaring Brook Ranch Resort has offered us a reduced room rate of $99 single or double occupancy (plus taxes) for those who want to stay overnight. Make your reservation directly with the Ranch (518-668-5767). Do NOT send your room payment to the Alumni Association.

ANNUAL MEETING – The annual meeting will be held at the Banquet. The following terms are expiring this year: David Cranston, Lawrence Bennett, Susan Goodness Monica, Carol Sutliff Nelson, and Alice Butler Winslow. All positions are for 3-years. If anyone is interested in serving one of these terms, please let David know before the meeting.

  COOKBOOK – Our cookbook will be available for purchase at the banquet. The cost is $10.00 each. If you are not attending the banquet (we hope you DO attend), we can mail a cookbook to you for $10.00 each (plus shipping). For more information about the cookbook, please click here.

ADDRESSES – We are continually on the “hunt” for new ones. If you know a classmate who has told you, “I did not receive an Alumni newsletter”, please let us know their address (with their permission). We will make sure they receive the newsletter. The Association is always willing to share classmates’ addresses for individual class reunions.

In 1963 . . .
Avg cost of new home: $19,300 ■ Color TV: $800
Dozen eggs: 55˘ ■ Gasoline: 30˘/gal ■ Mouse Trap game: $3.99

Debut of AT&T touch-tone phoneMeasles vaccine developed
JFK assassinatedMcDonald's 500th restaurant opened

TV debuts: Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, General Hospital, The Judy Garland Show, The Fugitive
Popular films: From Russia with Love, Blood Feast, It Happened at the World's Fair, Fun in Acapulco
Popular songs: Surfin' USA, Sugar Shack, Surf City, He's So Fine, It's My Party, Louie Louie, Deep Purple
Popular singers: Johnny Mathis, Roy Orbison, The Drifters, Connie Francis, Beach Boys, Buddy Holly
Popular TV shows: The Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, Dick Van Dyke Show, Petticoat Jct, The Lucy Show

- CLASS OF 1963 –

    This year we are the “50th Anniversary Class”….. a fact that I’m really having trouble wrapping my mind around. How about you? How could that be possible? As some would say, “That’s a lot of water over the dam!”

    As a “60 something” senior citizen I suffer from all-too-often memory lapses, but happily I have many vivid recollections of our class of 33 and the 13 years we were together at HLCS. One of the earliest is physically moving from our classroom in the old Odd Fellows Hall (now the site of the Adirondack Folk School) into a brand new school on Lake Avenue. (We were the first class to enter as Kindergartners and graduate as seniors.) We walked/marched as a group up Mill Street hill full of curiosity and excitement that we were going to a new building. Too bad there isn’t a picture of that. K-12 was under one roof and everything inside was looking and smelling fresh and squeaky clean. Some last minute projects were being completed and I was totally fascinated with the workmen installing the huge green boards on the classroom walls. When it was “naptime” I strategically placed my mat directly under the sand table so I could watch all the activity. I STILL remember the gentle scolding from Mrs. Manfred for not following the “rest-time” rules…. my eyes were supposed to be shut! Yup, I was off to a great start!

    Elementary school was fun and we were soaking up learning like little sponges. I remember Mrs. Mull’s 3rd grade in particular. If I shut my eyes I can see many of my classmates and how we were seated. Recess was on the playground equipment behind the school towards the Queen Anne. In 6th grade a small group of girls, myself included, decided that it would be fun to experiment with some lipstick so we all shared a tube. Imagine our chagrin when we were escorted to the bathroom in the back of the class, handed Kleenex and told to remove it ASAP. That was followed by a stern warning, “We do NOT wear lipstick in Mrs. ____’s 6th grade!!!” I think I still have dreams about that fiasco.

    Somehow we survived 7th and 8th grades and all the awkwardness that goes along with being new “teens”. High school was harder subjects and more homework which demanded better time management. Learning to maintain your grades and participate in school activities was the challenge. Clubs, sports, school plays, prom, band, chorus and numerous other choices kept participants occupied.

    Who can forget the day we received our class rings? Our yearbooks? The morning we left for our senior trip to Washington, D.C.? Graduation night? School years are some of the best of our lives. We change, but memories never do. They just get more precious.

Betty Jean Brannon Mason


Includes an entree (see below), vegetable, potato, salad, rolls, butter, “beverage”, and dessert

Vegetable Lasagna:   Pasta layered with vegetables, marinara sauce & ricotta cheese.
Baked Filet of Haddock:   Oven roasted with a fresh herb & horseradish glaze.
Baked Virginia Ham:   Oven roasted with a bourbon and brown sugar glaze.
Roast Prime Rib of Beef:

  Traditional style, boned-out Prime Rib with Au Jus.

1963 Yearbook Dedication

    We the class of 1963, having been the first kindergarten to assemble in the new school, wish to dedicate our yearbook to the teachers who have guided us throughout our thirteen years at Hadley-Luzerne. This is not merely a dedication but a message of thanks to be written in indelible ink on the hearts of those who we love and cherish.

    May we never forget all that you have done for us. You have signified the standard to which we all must mold our lives. We only hope that someday we may accomplish what we all strive for and that our reward will be worthy of the years that you, our teachers, have dedicated to educating the class of 1963. Someday we hope that you will have fond memories of us and be proud that we were once your students.

The Class of 1963

  Did You Know – The Alumni dinner for 2013 costs us an average of about $30.00. Our cost includes the dinner, sales tax, gratuity, and hors d’oeuvres. Not included in this price is any entertainment we might have. In addition to our Banquet, we also publish and send a newsletter to H-L Alumni. Last year's postage was over $500.00. Address labels, ink for the labels, edge tabs and paper was about $150.00. It is getting hard hold our cost down while providing every Alumni an opportunity to get together and share memories. Please help us to provide our Alumni an opportunity to gather, reminisce, and have an enjoyable event at a reasonable cost.

    After 38 years of service at HLCS, Stuart M. Towsend will retire effective end of June 1973. After graduating from Springfield College, he came to Hadley-Luzerne Union Free School as Physical Education instructor. He also taught Math and Science and was also assistant principal and coach. In 1945 he was appointed district principal.
    Mrs Helen Seaman, Mrs. Mildred White, and Mrs. Doris Mix also retired at the end of June 1973. You can read about their retirement news (and more about Stuart M. Townsend's retirement news) in a copy of the June 1973 HLCS News.

    Our class of 1959 celebrated 50 years with a reunion at the American Legion in the fall of 2009. It was very well attended. We have always had a large number attend the annual alumni banquets. We have gotten together for lunch at various classmates’ homes for several years. Sandra Washburn Parker and her husband Ken have had us to their home in Bolton for a “bring a dish” meal several times which included a ride in their boat on Lake George which Ken narrated several points of interest. We’ve also gone to lunch at several area restaurants and even drove to Bennington, Vermont to meet halfway with Charlie and Leigh Fosberry who live in New Hampshire. We always have a great time. These get togethers have kept us close and in touch with our classmates’ lives. I would highly recommend other classes try the same if they aren’t already. You’ll be glad you did.

Alice Butler Winslow

NECROLOGY of HLCS Graduates/Faculty:
  • Doris Bennett ( '33 )
  • Mary Kenyon McCoy ( '38 )
  • Patricia Butler Straight ( '48 )
  • Genevie French Bosford ( '48 )
  • David Mann ( '48 )
  • William T. Waterhouse ( '49 )
  • William Liebl ( '51 )
  • E. Leonard Anderson ( '56 )
  • Rollin “Bud” Johnson ( '56 )
  • Lee Butler ( '60 )
  • Robert Mitchell ( '61 )
  • Nancyann Bormann Rayder ( '65, Admin )
  • Stanley Ross ( '65 )
  • Susan Gensel Corrigan ( '66 )
  • Bernice Sutliff Doody ( '68 )
  • Lynn “Butch” Bourdeau ( '69 )

  • Dwight Gill ( '71 )
  • Eric Senecal ( '84 )
  • Trudy Chesney ( '98 )
  • Clifford Burroughs ( Bus Driver )
  • Gertrude “Trudi” Hewston ( Faculty )
  • Jacqueline Woods ( Faculty )
  • Harry Gill
  • Joseph E. Lindsey
  • William “Bill” Pidgeon Sr.
  • Deborah Jean Piper
  • Brandan Rawson
  • Mary Reynolds Waite
  • William Bruce St.John
  • Clyde J. Sherman
  • Gregory L. Thomas
  • Ila Walker Ladd