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Volume 16 - 2012

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2012 ALUMNI BANQUET – The 2012 Banquet will be at Roaring Brook Ranch Resort in Lake George on Saturday, June 23, 2012 (Hors d’oeuvres at 5:30 p.m; Dinner at 6:30 p.m.). Reservations must be received by June 14, 2012 (NOTE: If you sent your reservation after June 5th, PLEASE call Carol Sutliff Nelson 518-696-3729 and let her know you sent your reservation). If by June 14th you have NOT sent your reservation, but you still want to attend, call Carol Sutliff Nelson at (518) 696 - 3729 for availability). The Class of 1962 will be celebrating their 50 year anniversary. Other classes to be recognized are those who graduated in years ending in “7" and “2". Click here for the reservation form. The Reservation form is in pdf format.

CHECK THE ADDRESS LABEL – Some Alumni in our files might be associated with the wrong class year. We have tried looking back through old yearbooks to determine who should be in what class. It is not an easy task with over 2000 Alumni in our records. We consider an Alumnus as anyone who attended HLCS (or the earlier schools in Hadley, Stony Creek, Day, or Lake Luzerne). PLEASE check the address label on this newsletter. Your 2-digit class year (faculty are “fa”) and a 4-character code follows your name. If you are NOT attending the banquet, please contact the Alumni President (David) with corrections if:
A) Your class year is wrong, or is listed as “ xx ”
B) You never attended HLCS.
C) Your address (street, city, etc) is wrong.
D) Your maiden name (or original last name) that you used at HLCS is incorrect or it is not included.
If you contact David with changes, PLEASE include your 4-character code. The 4-character code is so we know the changes are from you and not from someone else. Phone (evenings, 518-696-2900), postal (David Cranston, PO Box 121, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846), or me by clicking here (Please put “Alumni” in the subject).

ALUMNI WEBSITE – More yearbooks have been added to our website (including the very first H-L “yearbook”), a few old “H-L School News” newspapers, and a few very early “student newspapers”. Some of these were supplied by Keith Whitcomb ('71) or The Hadley-Luzerne Historical Society (Thank you). The website version of this newsletter includes many links, such as detailed necrology.

Also on the website is a list of who was sent a newsletter or who has made a reservation (Ordered by Names, ordered by Year. Both pages are large and will load slowly). We trust this will encourage your classmates to attend. If you see a classmate listed, why not call or e-mail them and share travel expenses. On the reservation form, there is a box to check if you do not want your name displayed on the website as an attendee.

  COOKBOOK – Our cookbook will be available for purchase at the banquet. The cost is $10.00 each. If you are not attending the banquet (we hope you DO attend), we can mail a cookbook to you for $10.00 each (plus shipping). There is a link to an order form on our website.


– The annual meeting will be held at the Banquet. Sally Gensel Deuel's position as Trustee expires this year. This is a 3-year position.

50-50 WINNER – Leland Aldrich ('52) - $184.00. Thank you Susan Goodness Monica for selling 50-50 tickets.

ADDRESSES – Thank you for helping us find and update addresses. We are continually on the “hunt” for new ones. The Association is always willing to share classmates’ addresses for individual class reunions.

ONE OF COACH DOHERTY'S FAVORITES – Coach George Doherty had many favorite players. One of them was Charles “Chuck” Wendell, class of 1960. Chuck passed away in 2009.


Includes an entree (see below), vegetable, potato, salad, rolls, butter, “beverage”, and dessert

Rainbow Cheese Tortellini:   Served in a delicate cream, marinara or pink sauce.
Baked Filet of Haddock:   Oven roasted with a fresh herb & horseradish glaze.
Baked Virginia Ham:   Oven roasted with a bourbon and brown sugar glaze.
Roast Prime Rib of Beef:

  Traditional style, boned-out Prime Rib with Au Jus.

School lunch menu from
a week in March 2012:

  Daily price: Full cost $1.75, Reduced 25˘, Milk 35˘
  Milk: 1%, Skim, Fat free chocolate or strawberry
School lunch menu from
a week in June 1972:

  Daily price:  Full cost 25˘ (?), Reduced:  free
  Milk: Whole
  Popcorn chicken with sauces(or Chef’s choice sandwich),baked potato smiles, green beans, variety of fruit, milk
  Fish patty with tartar sauce (or ham patty w/ catsup), peas and carrots, strawberry crunch, milk
  Soft or hard shell tacos with meat sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream (or egg salad sandwich), corn, variety of fruit, milk
  Meat sauce on rice, wax beans, Italian bread and butter, pudding and milk
  Toasted cheese sandwich (or bologna sandwich), tomato soup, carrot sticks with dip, variety of fruit, milk
  Corn beef hash with catsup (or spaghettio’s), green beans, bread and butter, applesauce cake, milk
  Corn dog or Hot dog on a roll (or tuna sandwich), tator tots, variety of fruit, milk
  Bar-B-Q meat on bun, corn, cheese cake with topping, milk
  Italian dippers with sauce (or turkey sandwich), mixed vegetables, variety of fruit, milk
  Soup, peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches, fruited jello, milk

New Elementary School building Nat School Lunch Program Nat School Lunch Program Federal surplus foods Type A lunch Serving in the Auditorium Modern cafeteria equipment Modern cafeteria equipment Agriculture and Technical School Agriculture and Technical School
1962 Yearbook Dedication

We wish to dedicate H-Lights “62” to Mr. Harold Neddo. In the past six years he has proven beyond any doubt his loyalty and devotion to our school. At all times he has been a willing guide and inspiration to the students under him. He is always willing to chaperone or help on student projects. His time is his student's time. He came to HLCS the same year the class of “62” entered the 7th grade and we learned the “ropes” together. We hope that for many years to come that the students here will have this able and dedicated person to guide them throughout their junior high years.
  Did You Know – It is getting harder to hold the cost of the Alumni Association Banquet down. This year's dinners cost us between $27.12 and $35.68. Our cost includes the dinner, 7% sales tax (yes we pay sales tax, for now), 18% gratuity, and about 18% for hors d’oeuvres (that's about 3-4 hors d’oeuvres for each person). Not included in this price is any entertainment we might have. In addition to our Banquet, we also publish and send a newsletter to H-L Alumni. Last year's postage was $311.39. Address labels, ink for the labels, edge tabs and paper was about $140.00. Unfortunately we have a strained budget, like most families have. We hope we can continue to provide our Alumni an opportunity to gather, reminisce, and have an enjoyable event at a reasonable cost.

- 50 years ago -

Avg cost of new home: $12,500 ■ Avg monthly rent: $110
Dozen eggs: 32˘ ■ Gasoline: 28˘/gal ■ Etch-a-Sketch: $2.94

Marilyn Monroe found dead ■ Oral Polio vaccine developed
1st Beatles recording ■ 1st Walmart store opened

TV debuts: The Beverly Hillbillies, The Jetsons, The Match Game, The Lucy Show, The Merv Griffin Show
Popular films: West Side Story, El Cid, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Longest Day, Lawrence of Arabia
Popular songs: Peppermint Twist – Part 1, Duke of Earl, Johnny Angel, Soldier Boy, What Kind of Fool Am I
Popular singers: Chubby Checker, Roy Orbison, Frankie Valli, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald
Popular TV shows: Candid Camera, The Red Skelton Show, Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show, Gunsmoke, Ben Casey

Retiring Teacher – Mrs. Evelyn MacFarlane
[ HLCS News – June 1977 ]

        Twenty three of twenty six years of teaching for Mrs. Evelyn MacFarlane have been spent at Hadley Luzerne Central School. As of June 30 it will be memories with her retirement.
    Mrs. MacFarlane with Mrs. Clarissa Newton started the classes for handicapped children in 1961. At H-L Mrs. MacFarlane has been teaching these youngsters ever since and also spent six years with the Head Start program during summers. Acting as a Community Social Worker, she met with families to follow-through with what was being learned in the classroom. An outgrowth of this work led to the Hadley and Luzerne Policy Advisory Committee which Mrs. MacFarlane was active with and that committee in turn developed into the Hadley-Luzerne Economic Development Corporation which is active today in Luzerne.
    Prior to her career in working with the handicapped, Mrs. MacFarlane has taught third grade at H-L between 1952 and 1961. She also has taught at Queensbury. Before that she raised three fine children and actually began teaching in 1937 at Lassellville and a year later at Gloversville.
    Mrs. MacFarlane has two sons and a daughter. Barbara is married and a housewife living in Myrtle Beach. Clifford resides in Lake Luzerne and is a chef. Bill is a high school English teacher and coach in Oakland, Oregon. Mrs. MacFarlane proudly boasts of her ten grandchildren.
    Mrs. MacFarlane was among the members of the last class in 1937 to go through Potsdam in their three year program. She majored in music. Beginning the summer of 1952 she did four summers of work at Oneonta to get her bachelor's degree in elementary education with an emphasis on social studies. She has completed graduate study work at Plattsburgh and Russell Sage. In 1961 she received a fellowship from the National Science Foundation. From Russell Sage she has received certification in education for the handicapped.
    When asked her plans following retirement Mrs. MacFarlane said “lots of travel.” An immediate trip to Oregon will be first on the agenda. She enjoys gardening around her home in South Glens Falls.
    With a wistful look in her eyes, she talks about writing a book of her experiences someday.
    Mrs. MacFarlane is active with the Methodist Church in South Glens Falls. When she lived in Lake Luzerne area she directed the choir of the Lake Luzerne Methodist Church, was active with the Women's Society and taught Sunday school.
    Comparing pupils of today with those of 25 years ago Mrs. MacFarlane says “kids are much more worldly wise today.” She believes television has done quite a bit to make students in the Luzerne area more aware of the outside world. She also says “there's a lot more interaction with people coming here from other areas.”
    When Mrs. MacFarlane was teaching at H-L the high school was still located where the bandstand is today in Lake Luzerne. Only the first part of the current elementary wing was present on route 9N the site of the elementary and high school today. She was to see two more additions to the elementary, later a high school addition, then additional wing behind it, an auditorium added and portable classrooms.
    She remembers teaching third grade consisting of 17 students in what today is the elementary principal's office. “There was no stage then and we used to do dramatic plays in the main lobby of the school. Since there was no curtain, we would paint a poster saying 'curtain' and other provisions.” Fond memories for a well loved teacher who will be bringing her career to a close in June.


NECROLOGY of HLCS Graduates/Faculty:
  • Betty Jenkins Saunders ( '48 )
  • Cheryl Bordeau Tripp ( '61 )
  • Donna Yannaci McFarlane ( '76 )
  • Frances Daniels Hayes ( ? )
  • George N. Cohen ( ? )
  • Gerald T. Springer ( '76 )
  • Truman Fuller ( ? )
  • Hilda Allen Winslow ( '57 )
  • Howard Cook Sr ( ? )
  • Irene Hill Rasmussen ( ? )
  • Janis Young ( Administration )
  • Joan Madison Allen ( '60, Faculty )
  • Joanna Mann Paul ( ? )

  • John Dawes ( '36 )
  • June M. Allen ( '40 )
  • Katherine Kingsley Hill ( '45 )
  • Kenneth Hawk ( '49 )
  • Madge Parker Ross ( '43, Administration )
  • Minnie Rooney Rawson ( ? )
  • Robert Ziegler [ pdf ] ( '51 )
  • Roger Barrows ( '67 )
  • Roland Frey ( Driver )
  • William Berg ( '71 )
  • Scott Lajeunesse ( ? )
  • Shirley Brophy White ( '50, Student Aide )
  • Jeanne Gereau ( Faculty )
  • Ellen Finlayson ( Faculty )