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- "Banquet and newsletter list (ordered by name)" -
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This list shows who was sent a newsletter. If your name is listed below and you do not receive your newsletter by May 15th, please us by clicking here and we will attempt to look into it. Please Note: There ARE bound to be name and year errors in the list! Check the newsletter you receive in the mail on how to correct errors.

Most last names in the list will be the last name that was used in school. For those who now go by the last name of a spouse, that new last name is not listed (Some classmates might not know you by your new last name). If your new last name IS listed, it is unintentional. A few names in our address files were "Mr. and Mrs.". In this case, there is no entry in the list below for the Mrs. A newsletter was still mailed however. Most faculty are listed using the name they used in school.

If a year is unknown to us, a "?" is shown.
Faculty are listed as "fa".
If a faculty member was a graduate of HLCS, the year will be displayed instead of "fa".

If someone is attending the banquet, "A" will appear in the column for their name.
Those who are coming, but wish to remain anonymous will be listed on the top line of the chart below.

If a newsletter is returned to us by the PO, "XX" will appear in the column.
If we were able to re-send the newsletter to a new address, an "R" will be in the column.

If you are coming, and you know how to contact a classmate, contact them and share the ride and travel expenses!! If you're not attending, why not come for an evening of good food, good cheer, and reminisce with your classmates.

Name Year Attending
the banquet
by the PO
A., Catherine84 XX
Abbott, Jackfa  
Abbott, Stephen ? XX
Ackley, Pearl36 XX
Adams, Dorothy54  
Aldrich, Carol55A 
Aldrich, Cheryl80  
Aldrich, Duane77  
Aldrich, Ginger76  
Aldrich, Gretchen52A 
Aldrich, James66 XX
Aldrich, Leland52A 
Aldrich, Melody84  
Aldrich, Sandra68A 
Alejandro, Annaliza99  
Allen, Andrew02  
Allen, Bernard50  
Allen, Bernard ?  
Allen, Bernice60  
Allen, Bonnie74  
Allen, Candi79  
Allen, Cheryl74 XX
Allen, Cindy77  
Allen, Dawn84  
Allen, Debbie73  
Allen, Donna73  
Allen, Ed72  
Allen, Elsie48  
Allen, Floyd67  
Allen, Irene55  
Allen, Jeanie ?  
Allen, John89  
Allen, Katey02  
Allen, Kelly78 XX
Allen, Laurie ?  
Allen, Leon60  
Allen, Linda64  
Allen, Linda64  
Allen, Linda64  
Allen, Lisa85 XX
Allen, Lori ?  
Allen, Lynn87  
Allen, Marjorie56 XX
Allen, Marlene62  
Allen, Merl73  
Allen, Michael66  
Allen, Mike66  
Allen, Nicolas00  
Allen, Patricia60A 
Allen, Paul53 XX
Allen, Roette87 XX
Allen, Roger86  
Allen, Ronald56  
Allen, Sharon64  
Allen, Shawn84  
Allen, Susan67  
Allen, Terri86 XX
Allen, Terri ?  
Allen, Tim88  
Allen, Tonya98 XX
Allen, Tricia77  
Allison, Jerome ?  
Allison, Susan70  
Allison, Wanda68  
Allison, Wayne72 XX
Ames, Bryan88  
Ames, Cindy84 XX
Ames, Keith82  
Amplo, Christopher92  
Amplo, Joseph96  
Anderson, Ernest56  
Anderson, Leonard ?  
Anderson, Yvonne87  
Angell, Christine66  
Angell, Ettalean68  
Ann, Rae81  
Arlin, Karen86  
Armstrong, Jackie67  
Armstrong, Judy63  
Ash, Ida88 XX
Askins, Monte75 XX
Askins, Orijoe02  
Askins, Wesanne00  
Aston, Christine98 XX
Atwell, Laura64  
Atwood, Jackie68  
Atwood, Jackie68  
Avona, L. ?  
Avona, Michael ?  
Ayala, Alcides95  
B., Cynthia64  
Backus, Angela87  
Backus, Bonnie64  
Backus, Cindy81  
Backus, Richard64  
Backus, Steven87  
Backus, Ted ?  
Backus, Thersa ?  
Backus, William98  
Bailey, Chet98  
Bailey, Janine87  
Baird, Thomas70 XX
Bajza, Sam63 XX
Baker, Beth73  
Baker, Brett86  
Baker, Donald49  
Baker, Esther38 XX
Baker, Seth83 XX
Baker, Shreey85 XX
Bala, Harry70  
Balcom, Douglas69  
Balcom, Sherre73  
Baldwin, Beth88 XX
Baldwin, Darcy90 XX
Baldwin, Robert J.D. ?  
Baran, Arthur74  
Barber, Emalou38  
Barnes, Amandafa  
Barrett, Bryan86 XX
Barrows, Georgeann72  
Barrows, William78  
Beach, Penny79  
Beach, Randy70  
Beach, Wanda69 XX
Beattie, Janet71  
Beattie, Jeff68  
Beattie, John67 XX
Beaupre, Sandra64 XX
Beaury, Steve ?  
Been, Kathy73 XX
Been, Linda78 XX
Been, Priscilla75  
Bein, Betty Lou49  
Belanger, Amy84  
Belanger, Kevin84  
Belanger, Natalie85  
Belanger, Sarah00  
Belanger, Steven ?  
Below, Steven93 XX
Below, William88  
Bender, Karen81  
Bender, Keith81 XX
Bennett, Barbara83  
Bennett, Betty65 XX
Bennett, Bonnie77 XX
Bennett, Carol71 XX
Bennett, Derek87 XX
Bennett, Doris33  
Bennett, Edward67A 
Bennett, Jeffrey85  
Bennett, Joan71 XX
Bennett, Jody88  
Bennett, Lawrence58A 
Bennett, Michael70  
Bennett, Myrtle52  
Bennett, Nicole93 XX
Bennett, Ronald75  
Bennett, Susan72  
Bennett, Tim88  
Benoit, Barbara67  
Benoit, Patti ?  
Benson, Roy70  
Benway, Clifford98  
Benway, Nicole95  
Berg, Dorotheann75  
Berg, Eugene75 XX
Berg, Richard98 XX
Berg, Thomas66  
Berg Sr., Richard72 XX
Berger, Ernest61  
Bergman, Jim49  
Berliner, Barrie87  
Bethel, Jeanne44  
Bethel, Robert46  
Bethel, Sylvia45 XX
Bethel, U. Grant47  
Bills, William87 XX
Birkhan, Donna79  
Birkhan, Richard82  
Bishop, Barry59  
Black, Ashley ?  
Black, Lerena61 XX
Blake, Ginny00 XX
Blakely, Ann74 XX
Blakely, Emily ?  
Blakely, James71  
Blakely, Jamie90 XX
Blakely, Sarah ?  
Blakely, Stephen89  
Bordeau, Brent66  
Bordeau, Cheryl63  
Bordeaux, Rhonda ?  
Bordeaux, Rodney81  
Bordeaux, Ronald ?  
Bormann, Christine85  
Bormann, Donna73  
Bormann, Eugene73  
Bormann, Nancyann65  
Bormann, Patty ? XX
Bosford, Charity98 XX
Bosford, Dick73 XX
Bosford, Ernie72  
Bosford, Genevieve48  
Bosford, Grace45 XX
Bosford, Jaclyn98  
Bosford, Joshua02  
Bosford, Mike73 XX
Bosford, Paul87 XX
Bouchard, Gertrude78  
Bouchard, Theresa77  
Bourdeau, Cheryl86 XX
Bourdeau, Gary86  
Bourdeau, Heather98 XX
Bourdeau, Joseph76  
Bourdeau, Lynn69 XX
Bourdeau, Marylee50 XX
Bourdeau, Michael73  
Bourdeau, Nicholas00 XX
Bourdeau, Pattie73  
Bourdeau, Scott77 XX
Boutelle, Carol74  
Boutelle, Connie69  
Boutelle, Rick72  
Boutelle, Stephen70  
Bovee, Andy81  
Bovee, Diana82 XX
Bovee, Edward59  
Bovee, Ellen58 XX
Bovee, Kimberly83  
Bovee, Larry56 XX
Bovee, Michael74  
Bovee, Richard70  
Bovee, Shelly72 XX
Bowen, Melody71  
Bowen, Winona27 XX
Bradwell, Linda ?  
Brady, Tim81 XX
Brake, Amy96 XX
Braman, Sharon65  
Braman, Simeon73  
Braman, Simeon III00  
Braman, Todd80  
Braman, Warren82 XX
Brannon, Bettyjean63  
Brannon, Katherine57  
Brannon, Marilyn57  
Brannon, Myra52  
Brannon, Patricia55  
Bredenko, Alexandra90 XX
Bredenko, Barbara90  
Brennan, Michael02  
Brewer, Arthur42 XX
Brewer, Barbara71  
Brewer, Barbara73  
Brewer, James73 XX
Brewster, Deborah78  
Brewster, James77  
Brewster, Melissa88 XX
Brewster, Peter57  
Brian, John83  
Bridge, Meghan93  
Briner, Frank58  
Briner, Linda60  
Briner, Margaret65  
Briner, Margery65 XX
Briner, Maryann63  
Briner, Susan87  
Brodell, Ann57  
Brodell, Brenda86  
Brodell, Charles57  
Brodell, Joseph61  
Brodell, Joseph61  
Brodell, Marty86 XX
Brodell, Richard61  
Brodell, Stephen64  
Brooks, Albert82  
Brooks, Dawn68 XX
Brooks, Kenneth76  
Brooks, Melissa88  
Brooks, Richard58  
Brooks, Robert56 XX
Brooks, Robert64  
Brooks, Robert ?  
Brooks, Robert III ?  
Brooks, Robin72 XX
Brooks, Ronald87  
Brooks, Thomas67 XX
Broome, Marilynfa  
Brower, Nicole02  
Brown, James73 XX
Brown, Janet68 XX
Brown, Karen35  
Brown, Kay55  
Brown, Kurtis98 XX
Brown, Stephen71  
Brown, Wayne72  
Brueckner, Steven02 XX
Bulger, Nancy72  
Bullard, Bryan71  
Bunzey, Richard40 XX
Burdick, Scott74 XX
Burke, Brian85  
Burke, James Jr.83  
Burlett, Gail58  
Burlett, Karen60  
Burnham, Dorothy46 XX
Burroughs, Beth77  
Burroughs, Beverly60  
Burroughs, Bonnie64  
Bus, Edward76 XX
Butchino, Mark75 XX
Butchino, Ronald63  
Butler, Alice59A 
Butler, Annefa  
Butler, Donna53A 
Butler, Floyd63  
Butler, Lee60  
Butler, Norma51A 
Butler, Patricia48  
C., Barbara ?  
Cahill, Catherine00  
Cahill, Michael02  
Cain, Janet81  
Caldwell, Michele87  
Caldwell, Nancy75  
Campbell, Nolan98 XX
Caple, Elainefa  
Carbery, Dorthea ?  
Carbery, Nadene81  
Carbery, Robert64  
Carhart, Daniel Sr.61  
Carhart, Mary57  
Carlton, Clinton74  
Carlton, Colleen81 XX
Carlton, Curtis02  
Carson, Raymond00 XX
Carter, Elaine68  
Carter, Kenneth60  
Cartier, Lisa75 XX
Cartier, Renee77  
Cartier, Wilfred Jr.79  
Case, Harrietfa  
Cason, Beatrice00 XX
Cason, Martha75  
Cason, Maryann70  
Cason, Nancy72  
Castle, Anne67  
Castle, Mary Joan62A 
Caulfield, Alexander02  
Centebar, Debra69 XX
Centebar, Dorothy59  
Centerbar, Donald65  
Chamberlain, Anthony73  
Chamberlain, Doreen66  
Champagne, Alice53  
Champagne, Donna73 XX
Champagne, Grahame66 XX
Champagne, Hilda55  
Champagne, Tina78  
Chandler, Ann59 XX
Chandler, Brian ?  
Chandler, Craig94  
Chandler, Lisa82  
Chandler, Mark80  
Chandler, Vicki78  
Chandler, Vicky83  
Chapman, Carl ?  
Chase, Lewis67  
Chateau, Carol71  
Cherry, David (Shane)88  
Cherry, Jana00  
Cherry, Jonathan99 XX
Cherry, Kyle91  
Cherry, Michael90 XX
Chesney, Brian98 XX
Chesney, Trudy98 XX
Cheyer, Christina61  
Cheyer, John56  
Ciccone, Grant02 XX
Cimma, Tracy ?  
Cirillo, Anthony82  
Cirillo, James93  
Cirillo, William85  
Clark, Matthewfa  
Clarke, Catherine85  
Clarke, Edward79  
Clarke, John88 XX
Clements, Gregory98 XX
Clements, Shirley84  
Cleveland, Kenneth66  
Clews, Jeanne49  
Clugston, Allan75  
Clugston, Diane77  
Clute, Amanda02  
Clute, Betty56  
Clute, Cheryl82  
Clute, D. Layne79 XX
Clute, Daniel75  
Clute, Linda ?  
Clute, Melynda86 XX
Clute, Roxanne83  
Cohen, Cheryl76 XX
Collis, Jeremy93  
Colson, Berniece58  
Colson, Connie72 XX
Colson, Cynthia77  
Colson, Joan58  
Colson, Kimberly80  
Colvin, Lewis55  
Comeau, Jackiefa  
Cook, Christina59  
Cook, Cynthia88 XX
Cook, Dawn80  
Cook, Kathleen ?  
Cook, Walter88  
Coon, Genevieve02  
Coon, Holly ?  
Coon, Karen99  
Coon, Katrina94 XX
Coon, Walter81 XX
Corbett, Bill75 XX
Corkland, Jamesfa  
Corlew, Bill88  
Corlew, Diane73 XX
Corlew, Wendy80  
Cornell, Grant00 XX
Corrigan, Ramona57A 
Corrigan, Sean86  
Cotherman, Rex43  
Cotherman, Robert45 XX
Countryman, Nancyfa  
Cowles, Charlotte53  
Cowles, David82  
Cowles, Dawn84  
Crandall, Dave72 XX
Crandall, Virginia57  
Cranell, Mary40 XX
Crannell, Judy66 XX
Crannell, Walter ? XX
Cranston, David75A 
Cranston, Jacqueline51  
Creten, Theresa02  
Croft, John48  
Croft, Sara48  
Croissant, Bruce73  
Croissant, Glenn82  
Croissant, Michael70  
Cronin, Diane78  
Crooks, Amy ? XX
Crooks, Jason ? XX
Crooks, Joe72  
Crossman, David75  
Cummings, Edward82  
Cummings, Karen81  
Cummings, Mike85  
Curran, Maureen86 XX
Cutler, Barbara66 XX
Cutler, Dan72  
Cutler, Mike69 XX
Dalaba, Angelique02 XX
Danforth, Margaret69  
Daniels, Aaron02  
Daniels, Michael65 XX
D'Antonio, Michael86 XX
Darrah, Adele ? XX
Darrah, Don87 XX
Davidson, Barbara41  
Davis, Jeff81 XX
Davis, Pam72 XX
Davis, Randy78  
Day, Brenda80  
Day, John Sr.85  
Day, Kristine83  
Day, Lynn D.77  
DeMarco, Guy81  
DeMarco, Guy82 XX
DeMarsh, Donald59A 
Dean, Bryan69  
Dean, Carol65A 
Dean, Gilbert68  
Dean, Matthew97  
Decarli, Jerry02  
Decker, David87  
Decker, Edward82  
Decker, John85  
Decker, Sonia98  
Deitze, David71  
Deitze, Doris38A 
Deitze, Eric81  
Dejnozka, Helenfa  
Demarsh, Eleanor57  
Demarsh, Gary80  
Demarsh, James00  
Demarsh, Laura61  
Demarsh, Michelle88  
Demarsh, Rhonda70  
Demarsh, Todd82  
Demarsh, Yvonne70 XX
Demetriou, Andrew99 XX
Demetriou, Benjamin ? XX
Demetriou, Jamie92 XX
Demetriou, Nicholas88  
Demetriou, Robert99 XX
Deming, Bonnie70  
Deming, Charles67  
Deming, Larry72  
Demming, Tim76  
Denno, Nancy70 XX
Denton, Brenda69  
Denton, Diane71  
Denton, Donna69  
Denton, Frank84  
Denton, Kathleen74  
Denton, Keith81  
Denton, Kevin74 XX
Denton, Kim75  
Denton, Paul67 XX
Denton, Tammy78  
Derosier, Amanda82  
Derosier, Andrew83 XX
Deuel, Amber88  
Deuel, Donald ?  
Deuel, Jon87  
Deuel, Jon00  
Deuel, Kenneth66A 
Deuel, Kevin78  
Deuel, Mark79 XX
Deuel, Nicole89 XX
Deuel, Sharon67  
Deuel, Tara98  
Deuel, Terry83  
Deull, Mary74 XX
Devoe, Darcy71  
Devoe, Linda68  
Devoe, Sherry78  
Dickens, Ronaldfa  
Diehl, Elaine67  
Diehl, Gary72  
Diehl, Gary00  
Diehl, Jana74 XX
Diehl, Nancy74 XX
Diehl, Sandra ?  
Dietz, Michele73 XX
Dingman, Dale73 XX
Dingman, Douglas75  
Dingman, Edward58  
Dingman, Gail68 XX
Dingman, Joseph65  
Dingman, Tammy77 XX
Dingman, Tina91  
Dingman, Tina ? XX
Dingman, Tina ?  
Dingman, Vicky73  
Dingman, William83 XX
Dion, Bruce73  
Doak, Elaina00  
Doherty, Cindy65A 
Doherty, George74  
Doll, Jennifer02  
Doll, Patricia02  
Domanico, Jeffrey98 XX
Donohue, Evelynfa  
Doubleday, David ?  
Doubleday, Diane ?  
Doubleday, Guy ?  
Doubleday, Kathleen ? XX
Doubleday, Kathy72 XX
Drasser, David98 XX
Droddy, Conor98 XX
Duell, Kathy78 XX
Duell, Pattie83  
Dunkley, Sam76  
Dunkley, Valerie83  
Dunkley, Vanessa78  
Dunn, Thomas III63  
Durham, Mary88 XX
Durham, Melissa86  
Durham, Merrill82  
Dymond, Frank02  
Eastwood, Willard52A 
Eckert, Beverly44  
Eckert, Joan47  
Edwards, Neldine63 XX
Edwards, Nelson66  
Eggleston, Carol60  
Eichhorn, Cathy77  
Eisenhardt, Jessica02 XX
Eldridge, Alta60  
Eldridge, Barbara64  
Eldridge, Janet58  
Ellis, Andrew61  
Ellis, Bruce82  
Ellis, Carolyn79  
Ellis, Donna59  
Ellis, Doris78  
Ellis, Doug64  
Ellis, Edith59  
Ellis, Gerald61  
Ellis, Jackie82  
Ellis, Jamie88  
Ellis, Jay82 XX
Ellis, Jill84  
Ellis, Joseph82  
Ellis, Maureen81  
Ellis, Meredith69  
Ellis, Pamela70 XX
Ellis, Scott ? XX
Ellis, Seymour58  
Elsner, Joan60  
Emery, Samuel00 XX
Esser, Debbie85  
Esser, Scott82  
Estel, George69  
Evens, Barbara49 XX
Evens, George74  
Evens, Sally68  
Eyer, Linda71  
Facteau, Richard98  
Farnsworth, Robin72 XX
Farr, Stacy ?  
Farr, William ?  
Farrara, Kelley86  
Farrell, Shannon02  
Fazio, Amy93  
Fazio, Michael82  
Fazio, Rick86  
Fickel, Brooks00  
Fiero, Debbie72A 
Fiero, Penny65  
Filkins, Nancy56  
Filkins, Rebekah02 XX
Finelli, Anthony00 XX
Finelli, Marianne79  
Finelli, Robert76  
Finlayson, Darrellfa  
Fish, Brenda88  
Fish, James66  
Fish, Linda71  
Fish, Steven77  
Fish, Tammy82  
Fisk, Andy86 XX
Fisk, Brian ?  
Fisk, Neil67  
Fisk, Pam84 XX
Fisk, Stacy86 XX
Fisk, Terrence III00  
Fisk, Terrence Sr.68  
Fisk, Timothy66  
Fisk, Vicki69  
Fitzgerald, John00  
Fitzgerald, Sam67  
Flanigan, Ann50 XX
Flansburg, Missy86  
Flansburg, Wendy88 XX
Flansburg, Willard78  
Forester, Richard51  
Fortner, Ben02 XX
Fosberry, Bob62A 
Fosberry, Charles59  
Fosberry, Joshua96 XX
Fosberry, Michael93  
Foster, Christina02  
Foster, Terry75  
Fox, Patfa  
Frankson, Jennie00 XX
Frankson, Nikki98  
Frasier, Doug74 XX
Frechette, Heather89 XX
Freeman, Clintfa  
Freeman, Jeff86  
Friday, Berniefa  
Frinton, Derrick81  
Frinton, James85  
Frinton, Rhonda82 XX
Fry, Kathy73  
Fuge, Amber81 XX
Fuge, Gale71  
Fuller, Faye58A 
Fuller, Lawrence62A 
Fuller, Philomena57 XX
Fuller, Sarah44  
Fuller, Stephanie89  
Gage, Andrea91 XX
Gage, Cynthia75 XX
Gage, Florence71  
Gage, Loren65  
Gallese, Donna83 XX
Galvin, Jillian00  
Games, Danny70  
Games, Roy III65  
Gardner, Christine71  
Gardner, Elaine79  
Gardner, Erika92  
Gardner, Frederick46  
Gardner, Janine77  
Gardner, Rod72  
Gardner, Roxanne69  
Gaston, Jessica98 XX
Gattie, Joyanne68  
Gaudier, Mercedesfa  
Gazaille, Gary78  
Gazaille, Michele64  
Gazaille, Suzanne69  
Gebo, Billy ? XX
Gebo, Connie76  
Gebo, Duane76  
Gebo, Lori00  
Gebo, Stacey88  
Gensel, Caroline57  
Gensel, Sally68A 
Gensel, Sandra57  
Gensel, Stacy73A 
Gensel, Susan66A 
Gereau, Brian88  
Gereau, Gigi ?  
Gereau, John ? XX
Gereau, Michelle82  
Getchell, Lauren00  
Ghent, Gina86 XX
Gilbert, Andrew87  
Gilbert, Brandi00  
Gilbert, Christine71  
Gilbert, Denise ?  
Gilbert, Dorothy86  
Gilbert, Greg67  
Gilbert, Janet50  
Gilbert, Joshua02  
Gilbert, Mark87  
Gilbert, Patricia60  
Gilbert, Robert78  
Gilbert, Timothy83  
Gilbert, William79  
Gill, Bill68  
Gill, Brenda68  
Gill, Debra75  
Gill, Donna72 XX
Gill, Dorothy70  
Gill, Douglas ? XX
Gill, Dwight71  
Gill, Gale67  
Gill, Harry Jr.83  
Gill, Kevin78 XX
Gill, Lori78 XX
Gill, Lori81  
Gill, Mes ?  
Gill, Tammie ? XX
Gilles, David75 XX
Gillette, Kerensa98  
Gilmore, Adelia98  
Gilmore, Laurie00  
Giordano, Gilda70  
Giordano, Lynn65 XX
Giordano, Robert72  
Girard, Annette68  
Girard, Mary67  
Glendening, Douglas98 XX
Godding, Pam86  
Gogan, Debbie73  
Gogan, Donna74  
Gogan, Lois62  
Gogan, Nancy81  
Gogan, Timothy77  
Golden, Eileen81  
Golden, James77  
Golden, John74 XX
Goodhart, Justin98 XX
Goodness, Sally67A 
Goodness, Susan66A 
Gorham, Cindy87  
Gorham, Diane78  
Gorham, Jeff76  
Gorham, Kelli85  
Gorham, Michael82 XX
Grant, Annemarie86  
Grant, Chanel00  
Grant, Dawn89  
Grant, Deborah94  
Grant, Gary57  
Grant, Kathleen81 XX
Grant, Marcia72  
Grant, Mike84 XX
Grant, Robert87 XX
Grant, Victor J.83  
Grant, Victor R.54  
Grauli, Mark73  
Graulich, Nicole02  
Graulich, Patricia72  
Green, Robert61  
Greene, Bobbyjoe98 XX
Greene, Sydney64  
Grimes, David70  
Grimes, Frances52  
Grimes, Kathie68  
Grimes, Millie ?  
Grobecker, Katie69  
Grobecker, Peter67  
Groombridge, Alice40 XX
Guarino, Gwendolyn96 XX
Guay, Catherine78  
Guenther, Adam98  
Guilder, Joseph98  
Gumprecht, Jean64  
Gumprecht, Linda68  
Gumprecht, Nancy70  
Gumprecht, Vera44 XX
Gutierrez, Matt02  
Haak, Robert70 XX
Haas, Bryan86 XX
Hack, Chuck88 XX
Hagadorn, Colin75  
Hagadorn, Derry77  
Hagadorn, Tessa02  
Hagadron, Tawn78 XX
Hala, Brian81  
Hala, Marie86  
Hala, Susan87  
Hall, Harriet42  
Hall, Jamie ?  
Hall, Larry85  
Hall, Lloyd ?  
Hall, Marcia (Jane)65 XX
Hall, Marian37  
Hall, Melissa85  
Hall, Richard39  
Hammond, Donna56  
Hammond, Karla68  
Hammond, Lloyd60  
Hammond, Marlene55  
Hanlon, Beverly55  
Hanlon, Joseph Jr.58  
Hanlon, Matthew87  
Hanlon, Patti81  
Hanlon, Timothy85 XX
Hanlon, Timothy Jr.02 XX
Hanna, Lewellyne69  
Harrington, Amy ?  
Harrington, Doris66 XX
Harrington, Ray98  
Harris, Benjamin66 XX
Harris, Brenda70  
Harris, Carol79 XX
Harris, Dawn ?  
Harris, Dirk87 XX
Harris, Jennifer72  
Harris, Teresa78  
Harvey, Deloris56 XX
Haskell, Cory00  
Hastings, Bob61  
Hastings, Denise74  
Hastings, DeRhonda ?  
Hastings, DeRonda ?  
Hastings, Harold79  
Hathaway, Bruce73  
Hathaway, Michael75  
Hathway, Amy98  
Hathway, Jessica02  
Hathway, Michael Jr.96  
Hathway, Scott77 XX
Hawk, Carol55  
Hayden, Thomas62  
Hayes, A. William59 XX
Hayes, Bobby86 XX
Hayes, Bruce68 XX
Hayes, Chrystal98 XX
Hayes, Craig75  
Hayes, Ean98  
Hayes, Gary86 XX
Hayes, Harriet65  
Hayes, Kathleen70  
Hayes, Mike86  
Hayes, MaryLoufa  
Hayes, Rick75  
Hayes, Roger72 XX
Hayes, Tracy85 XX
Healy, Bob71  
Healy, Jimfa  
Hearn, Mariefa  
Hebert, Lisa01  
Hedger, Garth87 XX
Hehr, Edithfa  
Hensley, Christi72 XX
Hensley, David82  
Herman, William81 XX
Hewitt, Tomfa  
Hewston, Trudyfa  
Hickok, Randy86  
Higgins, Daniel75 XX
Hill, Barbara62A 
Hill, Brenda63A 
Hill, Irene38  
Hill, James65  
Hill, Kenneth62  
Hines, Carol78  
Hoffman, Anthony75  
Hoffman, Justin73  
Hoffman, Raymond86  
Holland, John53  
Holmes, Wade78 XX
Horn, Harryfa  
Houghton, Jean63 XX
Hovey, Edward87 XX
Hovey, Janine91  
Howe, Emerson51  
Howe, Eunice48  
Howe, Sandra66  
Howe, Wayne73  
Huestis, Margaret75 XX
Huestis, Richard68  
Huestis, Vernon73 XX
Hughes, Christine ?  
Hughes, Cristine ? XX
Hughes, Donald87  
Hughes, Eugene57 XX
Hughes, Helen82 XX
Hughes, John64 XX
Hughes, Kristine ? XX
Hughes, Kristine ?  
Hughes, Pam ? XX
Hughes, Stanley54  
Hughes, Thomas60A 
Hughes, William59A 
Ives, Kenneth77  
Ives, Nancy74AXX
Ives, Paula77  
Ives, William70  
J., Ann59  
J. Pickens, John88 XX
Jackson, David64  
Jane, Betty58  
Jayne, Mary72  
Jean, Bobbi89 XX
Jenkins, Colin87 XX
Jenkins, Crystal81 XX
Jenkins, Emily00  
Jenkins, Emily ?  
Jenkins, Jim73  
Jenkins, Joel60  
Jenkins, Joel78 XX
Jenkins, Joshua98  
Jenkins, Judith64  
Jenkins, Lester Jr.59A 
Jenkins, Robert58  
Jensen, Peter81  
Jensen II, Robert71 XX
Jewell, Christina00  
Jockers, Irene51  
Johnson, Amy86  
Johnson, Christine98 XX
Johnson, Diana ?  
Johnson, Dumar98 XX
Johnson, Eric87 XX
Johnson, Geneva80  
Johnson, Joan54  
Johnson, Kathy71  
Johnson, Linda78  
Johnson, Rissa86 XX
Johnson, Rollin56  
Johnson, Sam64  
Johnson, Stefanie98  
Jowaiszas, Blanche49 XX
Joyce, Ellen41  
Kader, Eric89  
Kader, Kim86  
Kaiser, John69  
Kathan, Joyce68 XX
Kathan, Sandra73 XX
Kay, Jeanfa  
Keeler, Bruce80  
Keeler, Keith76  
Keeler, Linda83 XX
Keeler, Susan ?  
Kelly, Brian87  
Kelly, Lowell87  
Kelly, Tina82  
Kenny, Todd85 XX
Kenyon, Joyce47  
Kenyon, Mary38  
Kenyon, Vera40  
King, Frank ?  
King, Kevin02 XX
King, Nancy64  
King, Suzette88  
Kitsos, Alice84 XX
Kitsos, Jill80  
Klena, Sarah ? XX
Kline, Travis02  
Kmetz, Ellenfa  
Kocienski, Elisa02  
Koenig, Rebecca95  
Kopi, Jackie ?  
Kramer, Andrew66  
Kramer, Erich98  
Kramer, Scott64  
Kreinheder, Carol59  
Kreinheder, Edward68  
Kreinheder, Joan65  
Kreinheder, Kay55  
Krugar, Paul84  
Krywy, Charles63  
Krywy, James61  
Krywy, Jerri84  
Kyarsgaard, Matthew87 XX
Kyarsgaard, Paul85  
Kyrsgaard, Steve78 XX
L., Stacey74  
Laclair, Guy83  
Laclair, Randy85 XX
Lacy, Rachel02  
Ladd, Beverly ?  
Ladd, Shirley56 XX
Ladd, Tracy00  
Ladd, William88  
LaFountain, Maryfa  
Lama, Dianne86  
Lama, Elaine ? XX
Lamay, Joanne76  
Lamb, Jayne75  
Lamoy, Grace45  
Lane, Corinne00 XX
Lanfear, Carl ? XX
Lanfear, Karen83A 
Lanfear, Kathleen81  
Lanfear, Maureen ? XX
Lanfear, Tammie83 XX
Lanouette, Debra98 XX
Lapier, Dennis66 XX
Lapier, Glen69 XX
Lapier, Jessica98  
Lapier, Linda66  
Lapier, Tim72  
Lathrop, Richard69  
Lathrop, Susan69  
Lavergne, Richard85  
Lavergne, Suzanne89 XX
Law, Jason89 XX
Law, Kendra89  
Law, Theresa83  
Law, Warren84 XX
Lawrence, Barbara91  
Lawrence, Bruce65  
Lawrence, Bruce Jr.89  
Lawrence, Jeff71  
Lawrence, Jon69  
Lawrence, Keith62  
Lawrence, Kristine60  
Lebarron, Cathy72 XX
Lebarron, Clara51 XX
LeBarron, Frances38  
Lebarron, Ida46  
Lebarron, Iralene50  
Lebarron, Josie54 XX
Lebarron, Lorraine62A 
Lebarron, Paula66 XX
Lebarron, Roger59A 
Lebarron, Stephen74 XX
LeBarron, William78 XX
Leclerc, Collette86  
Leclerc, Stephen76 XX
Lemelin, Brian79  
Lemelin, Bruce71 XX
Lemelin, Carrie ?  
Lemelin, Collette78  
Lemelin, Curt73  
Lemelin, Jessica96  
Lemelin, Lisa02  
Lemelin, Lori73  
Lemelin, Mary81  
Lemelin, Michele70  
Lemelin, Nancy75  
Lemelin, Nicole89  
Lemore, Michael02 XX
Lent, Duane85  
Lesage, Sharon59A 
Lesson, David58  
Levett, Christine86  
Levett, Mark84  
Liebl, Amy87  
Liebl, Bernadette77 XX
Liebl, Gary76  
Liebl, Greg85  
Liebl, Kathleen78  
Liebl, Terri82  
Liebl, William51  
Liguori, Denise88  
Lindsey, Edward49  
Lindsey, Karen68  
Lindsey, Marcia86 XX
Lindsey, Robert57  
Litwa, Edward89  
Livingston, Kevin98 XX
Locke, Barbara75 XX
Locke, Lenny94  
Locke, Leonard71 XX
Locke, Linda ?  
Locke, Nancy78  
Locke, Robert68  
Locke, Travis98 XX
Locke, Trevor98 XX
Lockwood, Linda66 XX
Lombardi, Joseph96 XX
Lombardi, Matthew93  
Lombardo, Margaret64  
Long, Ashley02 XX
Lorrain, Simone81  
Loveland, Gladys51  
Lucia, Tracy ?  
Lunz, Joseph00 XX
M., Maryellen ? XX
Macfarland, Rick72  
Madison, Carol63  
Madison, George Jr.58A 
Magliulo, Jeri76  
Magliulo, Laura71  
Magliulo, Sharon73  
Mahr, Chrisfa XX
Mahr, Timothy98  
Maida, Arlene64  
Maida, Maureen61  
Maletta, Keith ?  
Malone, Tom63  
Malone Jr., John60 XX
Mangan, Deirdre87 XX
Manganiello, Tony72  
Manley, Johnfa  
Mann, David48  
Mann, Donald66  
Mann, Fred Jr.63 XX
Mann, George46 XX
Mann, Grace36  
Mann, Judith00  
Mann, Leland60  
Mann, Mina49  
Mann, Sherrie71  
Mann, Tammy88 XX
Marciano, Lori81 XX
Marcotte, Julie81 XX
Marcoux, Jeffrey73 XX
Marcoux, Robin81  
Markham, Christopher02 XX
Marr, Pamela98 XX
Martell, Christine75  
Masner, Gary72 XX
Mason, Daphne84  
Mason, Deborah82 XX
Mason, Marci87  
Mason, Michael83  
Mason, Nancy88  
Mason, Steven00  
Matthews, Dianefa  
Matthews, Joanfa  
Mattison, Stefanie00  
Matuszak, Craig64  
Matuszak, Craig82  
Matuszak, Joyce ?  
Matuszak, Steven88 XX
Maxam, Cecil66 XX
Maxam, David74 XX
Maxam, Kevin69  
Mazzeo, Eric00  
Mcbride, Kelly86  
Mccarty, Dan72  
Mccullough, Barbara51  
Mcfarland, Rita50  
Mcfarland, Ronald74  
Mcfarlane, Rick ?  
Mcfarlene, Paula70 XX
Mckeon, Kenneth02 XX
Mckinney, Kenneth98  
Mckinney, Nancy67  
Mcmurry, Daniel69  
Mcsweeney, Tim76  
Mcwain, Arthur67 XX
Mcwain, Dorien73 XX
Mcwain, Mae58  
Medici, Judy71  
Mehan, Frances81 XX
Meinrenken, John72 XX
Meissner, Lisa81  
Merkle, Dana82  
Merkle, Marc79  
Merton, Beth67 XX
Metzler, Garrett00  
Metzler, Zach02  
Meyer, David74 XX
Meyer, Elizabeth79 XX
Meyer, Ellen72 XX
Meyer, James77 XX
Meyer, John77  
Meyer, Kathy81  
Meyer, Linda73 XX
Meyer, Lisa87  
Meyer, Pam87  
Meyer, Sandra78  
Meyer, Sandy78 XX
Meyer, Suzanne77  
Meyer, Williamfa XX
Michels, Mickeyfa  
Middleton, William00 XX
Miler, Katherine98 XX
Miller, Connie71 XX
Miller, Peter00 XX
Milligan, Michelle87  
Millis, Lori79  
Milmore, Frances75  
Milmore, Robert71  
Miner, Tammy92 XX
Miner, Teresa75  
Miraglia, Carolyn75 XX
Miraglia, Joan77 XX
Miraglia, Phillip74  
Mitchell, Kathy90  
Mitchell, Robert61  
Mix, Joe71  
Mohr, Chris87  
Moon, Becky86  
Moon, Terry73  
Moore, Douglas ?  
Moore, Susan81  
Moorhead, Ann77  
Moorhead, John81  
Mooso, James58 XX
Mooso, Victor59 XX
Morehouse, Jennifer00  
Morey, Clarissa73  
Morey, Debra78  
Morey, George66  
Morey, Mabel58  
Morgan, Jim72 XX
Morgan, Mark75  
Morris, Sally77  
Morrison, Deborah70  
Morrison, Linda61  
Morrison, Meredith60  
Morrissey, Barbara82 XX
Moses, Carol64  
Moses, Clifford69  
Moses, Joseph60  
Mosher, Daniel78  
Mosher, George72 XX
Mosher, James69 XX
Mosher, Jessica00 XX
Mosher, John71  
Mosher, Lillian57  
Mosher, Robert75 XX
Mosher, Scott02  
Mosher, Susan71  
Moulton, Eddie87  
Moulton, Kyle77  
Mudge, Barbara67  
Mudge, Connie80  
Mudge, Laurie77  
Mudge, Linda71 XX
Murphy, Emmett42  
Naatz, Mecleta34 XX
Naatz, Seymour57  
Neddo, HaroldfaA 
Neddo, Sharold76  
Nemeth, Barbara88 XX
Neville, David77  
Neville, Donna69 XX
Neville, Thomas68 XX
Nevins, Jeremy02  
Nevins, Jessica00  
Nevins, Jimmy86  
Nevins, Kathy76 XX
Nevins, Lorraine75 XX
Nevins, Robin81  
Newbern, Anita59 XX
Newell, Carolefa XX
Newton, Charles65  
Newton, Holly86  
Newton, Lisa81 XX
Newton, Missy85  
Newton, Priscilla73  
Nickel, Hank72 XX
Niles, Clyde49  
Nizolek, David73  
Nizolek, Laura00 XX
Nizolek, Thomas81 XX
Nizolek, William76  
Noakes, John82  
Noakes, Mary Clairefa  
Nollman, Allison81  
Nollman, Barbara80  
Nollman, Jeanne78  
Norkett, Edward67  
Norkett, Patricia70  
Norkett, Taffy67  
Novotarski, Gregory88 XX
Obertubesing, Joanne98  
O'Connell, Barbara63  
O'Connor, Dennisfa  
Ogburn, Harold40 XX
O'Hare, Fred42  
O'Hare, Gertrude44 XX
O'Neal, David83  
O'Neal, Margret86 XX
O'Neill, John63  
Oppenheimer, Amy80  
Ormsby, Carol61  
Ormsby, Leon42  
Ormsby, Patricia ? XX
Ormsby, Victoria60  
Ortiz, Christine00  
Ortiz, Donald98  
O'Sullivan, Kristen98 XX
Othmer, Celeste81  
Othmer, Karl82  
Otoupal, Davidfa  
Otoupal, Janefa  
Oudekerk, Nancyfa  
Ovitt, Anna69 XX
Ovitt, Betty71  
Ovitt, Carolanne64  
Ovitt, Charles67  
Ovitt, David70  
Ovitt, Sandy62A 
Ovitt, Sharon66  
P., Michelle85 XX
Pabst, William59A 
Page, Elizabeth79  
Page, Lori ? XX
Palladino, Luann94 XX
Palmer, Robert60  
Palmer, Ronald53  
Palmer, Sandi68 XX
Parisse, Nicky02  
Parker, Donald51  
Parker, Karen90  
Parker, Lemoyne49  
Parker, Mary64  
Parker, Richard78  
Parker, Shelly62 XX
Parker, Tonya81  
Parker, Tonya82 XX
Parsons, Jennifer87  
Parsons, John81  
Parwana, Caroleefa  
Passino, Priscilla86  
Pataki, Lisa86 XX
Pataki, Michael57  
Pataki, Michael ? XX
Paul, Fay46  
Paul, Maralee61  
Paul, Sue60  
Perkins, Mary46  
Perkins, Norman42  
Perkins, Wayne44  
Perry, Barbara88  
Peters, Linda63  
Petrone, Kathleen ?  
Petteys, Barry79 XX
Petteys, Catherine81  
Phelps, Kathy65  
Phenes, Donna81  
Phenes, Rexford75 XX
Phenes, Sue78  
Philips, David88 XX
Philips, Julie87  
Philips, Karen99  
Philips, Laura94  
Philips, Ward ?  
Phillips, Wallacefa  
Phillips, Mrs. Wallacefa  
Picioccio, Carl82  
Picioccio, Jill87  
Picioccio, Valorie65  
Pickens, Franfa  
Pickens, Johnfa  
Pickens, Kathleen87  
Pidgeon, George73  
Pidgeon, Janet78  
Pidgeon, Nicholas00  
Pidgeon, Ralph58  
Pidgeon, Sandra75  
Pierce, Christopher02  
Pike, Connie84 XX
Pike, Edward66  
Pike, Helen68 XX
Pike, Janet68  
Pike, Lori87 XX
Pike, Richard65  
Pike, Sharon ?  
Pike, William82  
Pike, William ?  
Planck, Ginny68  
Planck, Shelley76  
Plant, Marsena50A 
Planty, Jason00  
Platt, Chris88  
Plummer, Raymond66  
Plummer, Rebecca98  
Plummer, Rebecca ? XX
Plummer, Virginia64  
Podwirney, Bruce65  
Podwirney, Yvette ?  
Podwirny, Bruce66  
Podwirny, Debra90  
Podwirny, Denis62AXX
Podwirny, Lisa ?  
Podwirny, Mark82 XX
Podwirny, Steve84  
Podwirny, Yvette91  
Polunci, Jason92  
Polunci, John ?  
Polunci, Joshua96 XX
Post, Horace56 XX
Potter, Bernadine88 XX
Potter, Heather87  
Potter, Jeffrey71 XX
Powers, Dana91  
Powers, Gary82  
Powers, Lisa81 XX
Powers, Marlene68A 
Powers, Sara86  
Prescott, Jeff ?  
Prescott, Marion89  
Priddy, Thomas39  
Pritchard, Lisa82 XX
Pulver, Joseph N.96 XX
Putnam, Meredith00  
Quinto, Margo65  
Quirion, Carol81  
Quirion, Michele84  
Quirk, Eileen63  
R., Jackie74 XX
Racette, Donaldfa  
Racette, Elainefa  
Ralph, Barbara54  
Ramsey, Alan77  
Ramsey, Beatrice35 XX
Ramsey, Charlotte ? XX
Ramsey, Ida48  
Ramsey, Kenneth69  
Rand, Keith72  
Randall, Amanda00 XX
Randall, Bruce77  
Randall, Christine86  
Randall, Daniel90  
Randall, Darlene72  
Randall, Deborah75  
Randall, Donna ?  
Randall, Jackie74  
Randall, Jami00 XX
Randall, Jerry78  
Randall, Jud81  
Randall, Judy72  
Randall, Katie98 XX
Randall, Laurie71  
Randall, Michele84 XX
Randall, Robert71  
Randall, Stephen78  
Randolf, Annemarie86 XX
Randolph, Rynay87  
Rawson, Boyce78 XX
Rawson, Diane77 XX
Rawson, Jack81 XX
Rayder, Aaron ?  
Rayder, Amy88  
Rayder, Christopher92  
Rayder, David62  
Rayder, Edward55 XX
Rayder, Elizabeth54  
Rayder, Eva50  
Rayder, Floyd50  
Rayder, Jonathan ?  
Rayder, Karen84  
Rayder, Kristi ?  
Rayder, Matthew86  
Rayder, Michael95  
Rayder, Nelson59  
Rayder, Stanley62A 
Raynor, Ronald66 XX
Reber, Shawn86  
Redican, Laura02  
Reed, Carla73  
Reed, Christine74 XX
Reed, Debbie ?  
Reib, Colleen80  
Reib, Kimberly81 XX
Reib, Michelle77  
Reid, Mimifa  
Reukauf, Beth91  
Reukauf, Tom90 XX
Reynolds, Alissa ? XX
Reynolds, Cheryl77  
Reynolds, Heath ? XX
Reynolds, Karen78  
Reynolds, Laurie80  
Rhodes, Howard55  
Rhodes, Jack57  
Rice, Laura78 XX
Rice, Lisa75 XX
Rice, Timothy98 XX
Richards, Jack63  
Richards, Jessica82 XX
Richards, Marjorie64 XX
Richards, Sharon68  
Richards, Stephen71 XX
Riley, Barbara67 XX
Riley, James70  
Riley, Michael68  
Rist, Eric ? XX
Rist, Mark86  
Ritchie, Justus00  
Ritchie, Renee87  
Roach, Thomasfa  
Robichaud, Donna63  
Robinson, Katie-Jo02 XX
Robinson, Tiffany98 XX
Roder, Helen02  
Roder, Maureen ?  
Roder, Michael00  
Roder, Paul ?  
Rodriquez, Patty72  
Roesch, Nicole98 XX
Rogers, Cecile ?  
Rogers, Raymond56A 
Roider, Joyce44  
Rollman, Pam74  
Rollman, Randy71 XX
Rooney, John88 XX
Rooney, Violet88 XX
Root, Fredfa  
Root, Loisfa  
Rosenbrock, Tabitha02  
Ross, Christopher72  
Ross, Kathy66  
Ross, Kylie98  
Ross, Michele87  
Ross, Michelle86 XX
Ross, Stanley65  
Ross, Susan68  
Rowell, Amy78  
Rowell, Charles76  
Rowell, Richardfa  
Rozell, Joann59A 
Rozell, Madeline60  
Rozell, Michelle85 XX
Rozell, Roger78 XX
Ruff, Jessica97 XX
Rumpf, Darcy89  
Rumpf, Loni86  
Rumpf, Marcy89  
Russell, Angella86 XX
Russell, Beatie ? XX
Russell, Deseree98  
Russell, Michael00  
Russo, Madeline79  
Ryan, Judy65  
Ryan, Ray02  
Ryff, Ellen75  
Ryther, David88  
S., Catherine ?  
Sacco, Christine99  
Saheim, Kymberly85  
Saheim, Roger61  
Saheim, Roger86 XX
Salmon, Denise73  
Salmon, Peter78  
Salmon, Richard83 XX
Salmon, Suzanne70  
Salmon, Thomas98  
Sanders, Adele66 XX
Sanders, Andrew73  
Sanders, Debra75  
Sanders, Ernest71  
Sanders, Gwenneth52A 
Sanders, John78  
Sanders, Lori73  
Sanders, Patricia ? XX
Sanders, Rosemarie73  
Sanzo, Lisa77 XX
Sanzo, Nancy80 XX
Savage, David67  
Savage, Rebecca70  
Sawicki, Jason98 XX
Scanlan, Bradley00 XX
Scanlan, Eric ?  
Scanlan, Jane ?  
Scanlan, Joseph02  
Schreiner, Curt85  
Schreiner, James83  
Schropp, Ronald95  
Schuh, Dorothy73  
Schuh, Matthew78  
Schultz, Barbara64 XX
Schuman, Charles68 XX
Scofield, Eugene77  
Scofield, Fayanne59  
Scofield, Nancy61 XX
Scofield, Nina56 XX
Scoville, Jeremy75  
Scribner, Alan70 XX
Scribner, Sue75  
Seaman, James64 XX
Sebald, Donald55  
Sebeck, Joanne84 XX
Sehlmeyer, Daniel83 XX
Sehlmeyer, Deborah78  
Sehlmeyer, Diane82  
Sehlmeyer, Jim80 XX
Sehlmeyer, Kayla02 XX
Sehlmeyer, Ken85  
Sehlmeyer, Kiley02 XX
Sehlmeyer, Melissa00  
Sehlmeyer, Richard77  
Sehr, Douglas97  
Sehr, George ?  
Sehr, Rebecca95  
Senecal, Debbie73 XX
Senecal, Eric85  
Senecal, Lynette81  
Senecal, Sueann75  
Sesselman, Daniel91  
Sesselman, Neilfa  
Shattuck, Amber86  
Shattuck, Faith ? XX
Shattuck, Jean81 XX
Shaw, Berneice ?  
Shaw, Kathy80  
Sherman, Aaron00  
Sherman, Joyce64  
Sherwood, Allison ?  
Sherwood, Corin90  
Sherwood, Mark69  
Shiel, Adam02 XX
Shiel, Daniel80  
Shiel, Eric81  
Shiel, James75 XX
Shiel, Jerry74 XX
Shiel, Josephine38  
Shiel, Julie81 XX
Shiel, Kory00 XX
Shiel, Richard75  
Shiel, Robert54  
Shiel, Ronald ?  
Shiel, Ronnie81  
Shoesmith, David88  
Shuman, Reta66 XX
Shumway, Gary77  
Signor, Delea43  
Silburn, Nancy74  
Simicich, Marge90  
Sirchia, Lorinda75  
Skerrett, Edward53  
Smarro, Joseph00  
Smead, Adam97  
Smead, David64  
Smead, Sam69  
Smead, Walter72 XX
Smith, Edna68  
Smith, Ellen87 XX
Smith, Floyd35  
Smith, Lynn79  
Smith, Sarah83  
Smith, Susan66  
Smith, Susan77  
Smith, Wayne68 XX
Smith, William J.78  
Spangenburg, Hope83  
Spellburg, Loretta53  
Springer, Dora52A 
Springer, Edward57  
Springer, Francis68 XX
Springer, Herbert49A 
Springer, Joyce ?  
Springer, Laurie81  
Springer, Michael00  
Springer, Robert49A 
Springer, Robert82 XX
Springer, Roger77  
Springer, Tammy79 XX
St. John, Jeff75  
St. John, Kathy65  
St. John, Mary77 XX
St. John, Susan61  
Staley, Betty49 XX
Stanley, Barbara54 XX
Stanley, Gloria57A 
Stanton, Bonnie66 XX
Stanton, Holly85  
Stanton, Jeannette39  
Stanton, Nancy78  
Stanton, Rod ?  
Stanton, Rose ?  
Starr, Brenda86  
Staulters, Christopher00  
Stearns, Alberta71  
Stearns, Jean90  
Stearns, Shirley67 XX
Stehlin, Kelly87 XX
Stephenson, Dianne83 XX
Stephenson, Jeannine85  
Stephenson, Karen80  
Stephenson, Scott81  
Sterns, Patricia66  
Stetson, Tonya87 XX
Stewart, Garry70  
Stewart, Jill86 XX
Stewart, John84 XX
Stewart, Steve63 XX
Stewart, Steven63  
Stewart, Susan59  
Stockwell, Mary84 XX
Stokes, Barbara56  
Stokes, Betty62  
Stokes, Edward79 XX
Stokes, James66  
Stokes, Mary61  
Stone, Clare79  
Stone, Dan73  
Stone, Greg76  
Stone, Jennifer81 XX
Stone, Michaele65  
Stone, Ronald70  
Stone, Sonia89 XX
Stone, Valerie82  
Straight, Pam72 XX
Straight, Paulette67  
Stutliff, Kim ?  
Suidy, Lori74  
Suidy, Mark77  
Suidy, Paul81  
Sumner, Steve88  
Sundquist, Linda60  
Sundquist, Susan73  
Sunquist, Judy61  
Sutliff, Amy71  
Sutliff, Ann64A 
Sutliff, Barbara73  
Sutliff, Bernard70  
Sutliff, Bernice68  
Sutliff, Carol70A 
Sutliff, Dawn79  
Sutliff, Denise79  
Sutliff, Donald53  
Sutliff, Dorothy58A 
Sutliff, George43  
Sutliff, George75  
Sutliff, Harold61  
Sutliff, Helen59A 
Sutliff, James85  
Sutliff, John65  
Sutliff, Kenneth69  
Sutliff, Lyndon83 XX
Sutliff, Margaret56A 
Sutliff, Marilyn85  
Sutliff, Miles Jr.61  
Sutliff, Nancy68 XX
Sutliff, Sandy78  
Sutliff, Shirley63  
Sutliff, Susan70  
Sutliff, Tim ? XX
Sutliff, Todd87  
Sutliff, Walter67  
Swanson, Lynda57 XX
Swanson, Thomas82  
Swart, Doug74 XX
Swart, James71  
Swart, Janet72 XX
Taft, Jerryfa  
Tardiff, Joseph85  
Tarricone, Leonard74  
Taylor, Leigh ?  
Teneyck, Elaine72 XX
Tennent, Donald72  
Thomas, Amelia63  
Thomas, Andrea95  
Thomas, Bill74  
Thomas, Brandon ?  
Thomas, Carl56  
Thomas, Carol64  
Thomas, Cheryl ?  
Thomas, Chris81 XX
Thomas, David81  
Thomas, Diane60  
Thomas, Frank76  
Thomas, Gregory ?  
Thomas, James Jr.98  
Thomas, James Sr.77  
Thomas, Jeff74  
Thomas, Joan57  
Thomas, John80  
Thomas, John80  
Thomas, Justin00  
Thomas, Lisa80  
Thomas, Lowell56  
Thomas, Marcia70  
Thomas, Mark ?  
Thomas, Monty87 XX
Thomas, Nathan00  
Thomas, Norma60  
Thomas, Paul99  
Thomas, Rae ?  
Thomas, Regina69  
Thomas, Ruth68  
Thomas, Stephen98  
Thomas, Tom76  
Thomas, Walter55  
Thomas, Zackery72  
Thorpe, Holly ?  
Thorpe, James77 XX
Thorpe, Maryellen83  
Tooker, Denise95A 
Tooker, Mark90  
Toran, Lorraine78  
Toran, Lynne79 XX
Toran, Paul89  
Towers, Alix78  
Towers, Annette66  
Towers, Brian77  
Towers, Craig69  
Towers, Edwin65  
Towers, Eric72  
Towers, Jason93 XX
Towers, Lyn72  
Townsend, Stuart63  
Traver, Joan58  
Traver, Marge56 XX
Traver, Maxwell Jr.64  
Tremaine, Dewitt77  
Tremaine, Tara84  
Trentecoste, Dixie92  
Trottier, Donna79 XX
Trottier, Jeff80  
Trottier, Jim80  
Trottier, Michael77 XX
Trottier, Michele74  
Tubbs, Amy ? XX
Tubbs, Betty49 XX
Tubbs, Brandi02  
Tubbs, Kathleen68 XX
Tubbs, Kenneth88 XX
Tubbs, Loren73 XX
Tubbs, Paul82  
Tubbs, Ray86  
Tubbs, Yvonne65  
Tucker, Carol68  
Tucker, David72 XX
Tucker, Robinann75 XX
Tully, Janet33 XX
Tully, Jennifer00 XX
Turner, Tina00 XX
Urban, Adam88 XX
Urban, Kurt81  
Valente, Gina84  
Vananden, Robert85 XX
Vananden, Scott88  
Vandenbergh, Ellen00  
Vanderminden, Adam00  
Vanderminden, Jennifer02 XX
Vanderminden, Robert00  
Vanderwarker, Lori82  
Vanderwerker, Harry80 XX
Vanderzell, Kenneth77  
Vanderzell, Sharon85 XX
Vandusen, George73  
Vandusen, Howard58A 
Varney, Susan63  
Venables, Stephen02  
Vernon, Sarah00  
Vickery, Amy82 XX
Villajuan, Eleanorfa  
Visscher, Lynn59  
Vought, Barbara61 XX
Vought, Marjorie63 XX
Vought, Marjorie63  
Wachholder, Nancy ?  
Wadsworth, Melissa02  
Waite, Clyde63 XX
Waite, Dawn74  
Waite, Debbie70 XX
Waite, Diane67  
Waite, Ellen67  
Waite, Frank73 XX
Waite, Gail63  
Waite, Gordon75 XX
Waite, Jennifer69  
Waite, June49  
Waite, Karen77  
Waite, Kathleen64  
Waite, Larry55A 
Waite, Larry67  
Waite, Michael75  
Waite, Pamela73  
Waite, Ron69  
Waite, Ryan00  
Waite, Stephen65  
Waite, Tracy87 XX
Waite, Walter65  
Walker, Betty75 XX
Walker, Emerson73 XX
Walker, Kim82  
Walker, Lela44 XX
Walker, Myrtle46  
Walker, Richard77  
Walker, Shari77  
Walker, Victoria49  
Wallas, John98  
Walsh, Betsy57A 
Walsh, Gloria72  
Walsh, Linda65  
Walsh, Roger73  
Warner, Leon36 XX
Washburn, Alicia ?  
Washburn, Carol67  
Washburn, Cynthia71  
Washburn, Diane65  
Washburn, Greg72  
Washburn, Jane69 XX
Washburn, Jill59 XX
Washburn, Judy58  
Washburn, Kaye62A 
Washburn, Marcia60  
Washburn, Mark73 XX
Washburn, Mary60A 
Washburn, Robert74A 
Washburn, Sandra59A 
Washburn, Shawn75  
Washburn, Sheila81  
Washburn, Susan67  
Washburn, Tina78  
Washburn, Vicky66 XX
Waterhouse, Chris75  
Waterhouse, Cindy ?  
Waterhouse, John78 XX
Waterhouse, Marycae81  
Waterhouse, Rosemary54  
Waterhouse, William49  
Watkins, Dodge65  
Watkins, Frank (Jack)62  
Watkins, Grace82  
Watkins, Valerie77  
Watson, Pam86  
Webber, Jean75  
Webber, John73  
Weiditz, Linda64  
Weiss, Gail72  
Weiss, Tammy89  
Weller, Norman58  
Weller, Pamela68 XX
Wendell, Carlton40  
Wendell, Diane67  
Wendell, Elizabeth66  
Wendell, Elsie35  
Wendell, Jane72  
Wendell, Linda69  
Wendell, Peter69  
Wendell, Rhonda74  
Wendell, Ted61 XX
Werley, Bruce79  
Werley, Wayde78 XX
West, Gregory ?  
West, Patty72 XX
West, Tabetha86  
Westcott, Marion38  
Westerhold, Deborah78  
Wheaton, Kevinn89  
Wheaton, Todd91 XX
Wheeler, Doug73  
Wheeler, Linda70  
Whible, Jon87 XX
Whitacre, Charleenfa  
Whitcomb, Carol61  
Whitcomb, Keith71  
Whitcomb, Robert55A 
Whitcomb, Steven60  
White, Beatrice35 XX
White, Beulah41  
White, Darci79  
White, Deneice51  
White, Donald J.74  
White, Gwen76 XX
White, Jill73  
White, Michael70  
White, Michelle88  
White, Mike74  
White, Richard61  
White, Ron69  
White, Sharon64  
White, Tim78  
White, William70  
Whitney, Elizabeth94  
Whittaker, Jennifer95  
Wilber, Edithfa  
Wilber, Robyn87  
Wilcox, Joan64  
Wilcox, Judy63 XX
Wiley, Donna86  
Willard, Oscar53  
William, George52  
Williams, Colonel ? XX
Williams, Craig78  
Williams, Ingrid76  
Williams, Jeff78  
Williams, Kevin74  
Williams, Mona73  
Williams, Phillip61  
Williams, Wendy ?  
Wilson, Clifford72  
Wilson, Jonathan00  
Wilson, Lewis49  
Wilson, Teresa75 XX
Winchester, Lynn83  
Winlsow, Myron41  
Winlsow, Nancy ?  
Winslow, Bryan68  
Winslow, Clara41  
Winslow, Ed41  
Winslow, Elaine82  
Winslow, Elaine ?  
Winslow, Gary71  
Winslow, Gayle66 XX
Winslow, Ida87  
Winslow, James70  
Winslow, Keith69  
Winslow, Linda62A 
Winslow, Renee85  
Winslow, Richard78  
Winslow, Rosalie68  
Winslow, Roxanne69  
Winslow, Sarah70  
Winslow, Sharon72 XX
Winslow, Steve74  
Winslow, Susan ?  
Wisell, Audrey76  
Wissell, Dan73  
Wittman, Susan85 XX
Wolcott, Nicole ?  
Wolfe, Kara ? XX
Wood, Beverly65  
Wood, Bonnie68 XX
Wood, Christine81  
Wood, Dale75  
Wood, Diane71 XX
Wood, Doug Jr.74  
Wood, Douglas50  
Wood, Douglas98  
Wood, Edith56A 
Wood, Eunice70  
Wood, Fred68 XX
Wood, Grace60  
Wood, Hollis69  
Wood, Hollis ? XX
Wood, Howard65 XX
Wood, Jane63  
Wood, Mandy00 XX
Wood, Margaret70  
Wood, Mark ? XX
Wood, Michael83 XX
Wood, Robert57  
Wood, Robert58  
Wood, Robin72  
Wood, Roger80  
Wood, Russell ?  
Wood, Teresa72  
Wood, Terry67  
Wood, Virgil75 XX
Wood, Winona67  
Woodcock, Cynthia94  
Woods, Jackiefa XX
Woodward, Gerald C.57  
Woodward, Gerald T.81  
Woodward, Jean51  
Wright, Arthur82  
Wright, Caroline82 XX
Wright, Carolyn77  
Wright, Claude73  
Wright, Colleen78  
Wright, Ella82 XX
Wright, Marlene79 XX
Wyman, Charles54  
Wyman, Doug68 XX
Yannaci, Karilee75 XX
Yannaci, Laura81 XX
York, Carolyn70  
York, Darlene61 XX
York, Elizabeth46  
York, Ellen66  
York, Floyd38  
York, Leslie44 XX
York, Scott74  
York, Shelly79  
York, Shilo98 XX
York, Shirley59A 
York, Steven80  
York, Vivian68  
Young, Freemont79  
Young, Grace76  
Young, Julia80  
Young, Macleta67 XX
Young, Michael80 XX
Young, Michelle ?  
Young, Monica70  
Young, Prudence84  
Young, Ruth72  
Yurich, Lena81  
Zeigler, Penny77  
Ziegler, Edward54  
Ziegler, Harry54  
Ziegler, Harry78  
Ziegler, Kelly ?  
Ziegler, Randy82  
Ziegler, Robin86  
Ziegler, Terry75 XX
Ziegler, Tracey86  
Zimmermann, Albertfa  
Zimmermann, Mark77  
Zimmermann, Mary80  
Zimmermann, Patricia76 XX
Zimmermann, Tom74 XX
Zinda, Maureen ?  
Zornes, Joann95 XX
Zubal, Fred67  

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