Hadley-Luzerne Alumni Newsletter
Volume 6 - 2002

2002 Alumni Banquet

The 2002 Banquet will be at the Lakeview Hotel (formerly the Ramada Inn) Lake George, N.Y. The Class of 1952 will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary. Other classes to be recognized are those who graduated in years ending in "7" and "2". The Alumni Banquet is Saturday, June 15, 2002. The deadline for reservations is June 1, 2002

The banquet is for all alumni -- not just those celebrating anniversary years. Special emphasis is placed on anniversary years, but all classes are invited and encouraged to attend. Tables are designated for anniversary year classes * look for your table!

Please do not confuse the Alumni Banquet with your individual class reunion!
Over the past several years we have had alumni show up at the banquet thinking they have made reservations with us, when in reality, they had made reservations for their own class reunion. We certainly don't want to turn anyone away, but please be sure you're at the right reunion!!!!!

Hors d'oeuvres will be served at 6:00 p.m. with dinner and dancing to follow at 7:00 p.m. Reservation deadline is June 1, 2002. If anyone is interested in overnight accommodations at the Lakeview Hotel, call 1-518-668-3131 (or 1-800-518-LAKE). The Lakeview Hotel is located at Exit 21 of the Adirondack Northway (Route 87).

"If your mind should go blank, don't forget to turn off the sound." -unknown-

Hallowed Hall
The "Hall" is located in the entry corridor of the Main School on Lake Avenue and is an ongoing project. We extend our thanks to the following classmates of Dorothy Hurd who donated to the Association in her memory: Arthur Brewer, June Brown Bormann, Harriet Hall Benware, Wayne Hawkm Fred O'Hare, Norman Perkins. The donations were used for the "Hall". Please stop by and see how well it's coming along. We hope to have it current over the next few months!

50-50 Raffle Winner
The winner of the 50-50 raffle held at last year's banquet was Lloyd Gibb (Rose Stanton Gibb, '76). He won $63.00. The Association portion went of the proceeds went to the "Hallowed Hall."

A country basket filled with assorted goodies was made and donated by Sally Gensel Deuel ('68) and Susan Goodness Monica ('66) and served as a door prize. The winner was Warren Hall ('47).

Hadley-Luzerne Central School Alumni Web page
Check us out at www.HLCSAlumni.org . David Cranston ('75) has done a great job with the site, complete to a child's voice welcoming you. Copies of past newsletters and programs are included.

Update on Renovation/Reconstruction at Hadley-Luzerne Central School
Come see us, we are FINALLY done! The renovation project turned out to be longer, (and much more frustrating) than we could ever have imagined. Our patience was put to the test, but the end results proved worth it all. The Hyland Drive campus now houses grades 3-8 and our main building at Lake Avenue has four state-of-the-art science labs, as well as a gymnasium addition.

Necrology of Hadley-Luzerne Central School Graduates/Faculty
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Carolyn Hart Towers, Class of '45. As most of you know, Carolyn was one of our founding members and served as our Treasurer from the inception of our Association. We are truly grateful for the hours she spent in working on our "Hallowed Hall" by cutting, pasting, and assembling the class pictures, as well as her untold hours in checking and rechecking the reservations for each banquet. Her ready smile and "perky" step will be sorely missed.

Several other former classmates/faculty members passed away during the year. They include: Milford Baker, George Cranston ('35), JeriLee Mudge Sommers ('65), James "Peter" Backus ('60), Harley Fisk ('42), Judy Bovee Barrett ('65), Gertrude Denton VanDusen ('38), and Helen Stewart Seaman (elementary teacher).

HL Employees who were former students
I thought you might be interested in learning how many of our present staff are former HL students. The following are presently teaching here: Patti Benoit Polunci, Derry Hagadorn, Elaine Winslow, Anne Castle, Colleen Wright Pike, Melanie Durham McCann, and Kathy Johnson Sutliff.

Kelly Allen Rheel, Donna Gogan Lemelin, Bill Pike, Denise LeMay Scofield, Nancy Gogan Trottier, and Diane Gorham Waite are all teacher aides or teacher assistants.

Members of the cafeteria staff include Ann Gebo Petrone, Joy Allen Berg, Carol Sutliff Nelson, Sally Gensel Deuel, Penny Ziegler Lautenscheutz, Geneva Johnson Ayala, Kathy Allen, Lynn Allen, Lynne Beach Gebo, and Cafeteria Manager Ann Sutliff Eastwood.

The custodial staff include Terry Fisk, John Allen, Ron Bordeaux, Tim Bosford, Jody Bosford, Doug Ellis, Mike Hayes, Jim Mosher, Harry Vanderwarker, Wilfred (Jay) Rodrigue, and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Claude (Tink) Wright Jr.

Other former students include (bus drivers) Jerry Ellis, Ed Bus, Bruce Lawrence, Ingrid Williams, Dixie Trentecoste Emrick, (bus monitors) Charity Bosford, Donna Butler Shiel, Connie Allen. (Mechanic) John Mosher, (Transportation Supervisor) Bob Carberry, and (Assistant Transportation Supervisor) Tara Tremaine. Secretaries include Beth Baker Crooks, Wendy Williams Fuller, Marcia Lindsey Miller, Joan Wilcox Mosher, Pan Rollman Waite, and Nancyann Bormann Rayder.

"If exercise is good for you, how come athletes retire at 35?" -unknown

HL Sports
Our district has high praises for our sports teams this year. All eyes were on our Boys' Varsity Basketball team as they finished the season 23-3. They captured the Adirondack League title and battled their way to the Class "C" finals. The Girls' Varsity Basketball team won their first sectional game in many years. They finished the season 16-6 and were second in the Western Division of the Adirondack League. Our bowling team came in second in the Western Division of the lwague also, while the wrestling team finished 6-6-1, a significant accomplishment for a young team. Congratulations to athletes and coaches alike for a job well done!

--Food for Thought--

Our Delightful, Delightful, English Language
Singulars and Plurals

We'll begin with a box and the plural is boxes,
but the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes.
The one fowl is goose, and two are called geese,
Yet the plural of moose should never be meese.
You may find a lone mouse or a whole lot of mice,
But the plural of house is houses, not hice.

If the plural of man is always called men,
Why shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen?
If I speak of a foot and you show me your feet,
And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet?
If one is a tooth, and a whole set is teeth,
Why shouldn't the plural of booth be beeth?

If the singular is this, and the plural is those,
Should the plural of kiss be nicknamed keese?
That one would be that and three would be those,
Yet hat in the plural would never be hose.
And the plural of rat is rats, not rose.

We speak of our brother and also our brethern,
But though we say mother, we never say methern.
The masculine pronouns are he, his, and him,
But imagine the feminine -- she, shis, and shim.
So the English, I think you will agree,
Is the most wonderful language you ever did see.

Please help us find these alumni!
The following list contains names of Alumni for which we have incorrect addresses. Some may be your friends, family members, etcetera. If you have information on them, please drop us a note at the school or give us a call at 518-696-6100. Your help will be very much appreciated.

Thomas Ackley, Joyce Kathan Allen, Ruth Thomas, Michele Quirion Andonian, Jackie Armstrong, Susan Wittman Austin, Janet Pike Baars, Kathy Been, Carol Boutelle Bekudin, Sandra Beaupre Bell, Ronald Bennett, Derek Bennett, Eygene Berg, Stephen Blakely, Ernie Bosford, Gertrude Bouchard, Betty Bennett Bovee, Fayanne Bratge Donna Gill Brown, Dorothy Burnham, Ann-Janette Knowlton Carter, Cherie Gilliess Chadwick, John Cheyer, Jill Stewart Cirrincione, Elizabeth Meyer Clute, Nancy Diehl Clute, Louis Colvin, Susan Allen Corlew, Micahel Daniels, Don Darrah, Christine Angell Darrah, David Dietze, Kevin Denton, Frank Denton, Mary Duell, Bruce Dion, Kathy Doubleday, and Pamela Weller Doyle.

Marylou Dingman Dreymann, Suzanne Meyer Duarte, Lela Walker Duell, Michelle P. Dunham, Thomas Dunn III, Debbie Esser, Holly Thorpe Fariello, Kelley Farrara, Susan Varney Fish, Neil Fisk, Thomas Fitzgerald, Diane Sehlmeyer Foa, Terry Foster, Laurie Springer Germain, Gina Ghent, Bob Giordano, Gary Grant, Victor J. Grant, Marcia Hall, Karen Lindsey Harris, A. William Hayes, Roger Hayes, Christi Hensley, Daniel Higgins, Eileen Quirk Higgins, Dudley Holland, Mary Hopkins, Nancy Cason Howard, Richard Huestis, Jane Wendell Huestis, Christine Hughes, Lorraine Nevins Ide, Debbie Fiero Izzo, David Jackson, Joanne Jenkins, Dianne Lama Johnston, Todd Kenny, Andrew Kramer, Matthew Kyarsgaard, Randy LaClair, Dennis LaPier, Doris Harrington Larrive, Richard Lavergne, William Lebarron, Duane Lent, Pearl Ackley Lorenzo, Patricia Been Lyng, Rhonda Wendell Mabb, Sharon Magliulo, Barbara O'Connell Maille, Tom Malone, Linda Peters Malone, Michele Randall Manos, Tsgt and Mrs Gary Masner, Linda Allen Matuszak, Dan McCarty, Debra Centerbar McFadden, Janet Brown McKinney, Sandy McMurry, and Stephen McNeil.

Valerie Picioccio McWain, Dorien McWain, Lisa Meyer, James Meyer, Celia Millward, Jeffrey Miner, Chris Mohr, Pam Davis Monroe, Terry Moon, James Mooso, Robert Mosher, Mary Jayne Nason, Barb Nemith, Elaine Teneyck, Nichols, Hank Nickel, Sueann Senecal Norton, Leon Ormsby, Lisa Pataki, Barbara Cutler Pecor, Helen Pike, Chris Platt, Richard Potter, Diane Thomas Purdo, Daniel Randall, Ronald Raynor, Shawn Reber, Howard Rhodes, Stephen Richards, James Richards, Michelle Gereau Roche, Patty Rodriquez, Lisa Rice Scarselletta, Kathie Grimes Schlegel, Eric Senecal, Jean Shattuck, Jerry Shiel, Jeanne Clews Singer, Colleen Holland Smart, Wayne Smith, Francis Springer, Robert Springer, Robert Springer, Edward Springer, Holly Stanton, Vicki Chandler Stephenson, Jennifer Stone, Barbara Sutliff, David Tarricone, Stuart Townsend, David Tucker, Robinann Tucker, Kenneth Wachholder, Gordon Waite, Emerson Walker, Cindy Waterhouse, Gale Fuge Watts, Kevin Williams, Howard Wood, Virgil Wood, Joan Bennett Wood, Gerals Woodward, Tom Zimmermann

The "Queen Anne" Project
How many of you remember the "Queen Anne" Project? The project began under the financial sponsorship of the International Paper Company Foundation in 1956. The description of the buildings was "a large 11-room cottage." The former owners had named it the Queen Anne because the furnishings were of that period. The project consisted of groups of juniors and seniors taking up residence in the home for four week periods. A house father and mother lived in the home year round. The first couple were Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bruno, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanlon, Jr. The purpose of the project was to give "local students an opportunity to gain social awareness and accept responsibilities seldom attained in the traditional curriculum of a public secondary school." During 1957, custodial staff became teachers, enabling students to spend time learning about plumbing, wiring, painting, wallpapering, etcetera, and modernizing the building at the same time. Not all remodelling was done before students began to live at the Queen Anne as one of the aims of the project was to have students in residence plan and complete a work project of their own. In the fall of 1958, the first group moved in and the project began in earnest. Eight to ten students "lived" at the home at one time, planning menus, purchasing food, and preparing meals, as well as performing routine household duties. Education speakers were invited to spend an evening in informal discussions, and the the groups attended local cultural events, such as plays, concerts, etcetera. Afternoon teas, buffets, evening parties for students, faculty, Board of Education, and community members were held with regularity. During 1959-60, a student exchange program was instituted with a school in Pennsylvania. During the mid-sixties, the Queen Anne hosted ethnic dinners sponsored by the "World Literature" classes, where participants dressed in regional costumes and ate dishes typical of the countries being studied. As the needs of the District change, the purpose of the Queen Anne changed also. In the 70's it became the home of special education classes and in the 80's, it became the "Administration Building" housing the Superintendent, the Business Administrator, their secretaries, the payroll clerk, and the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Several of the rooms have been "remodelled" exposing the original hardwood floors and high ceilings. The stained glass squares in the windows of the old living room remain and the very unusual fireplace in the front office has been restored to its original condition (apologies to whomever thought it looked great painted yellow and then black!). Several years ago the canopy was again placed over the front steps announcing to the world that the building is the "Queen Anne." Almost all first-time visitors comment on the uniqueness of the building. All are welcome to stop in and say "hello" and share any memories you may have of the building.

Notes from Sue Goodness Monica
I am not a runner, I'm a walker. I walk 3-4 miles/day. I had never run or even walked on snowshoes, but in November I said, "What the heck," and started practicing. On February 23 I entered the snowshoe racing event in the Empire State Games held in Lake Placid. I was scared out of my "shoes" because I had never done anything like that before! I raced in the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 400 meter sprints and won three silver medals!!! I'm going to continue doing this for as long as I can. My new motto is "Use it or lose it!"