Hadley-Luzerne Alumni Newsletter
Volume 4 - 2000

2000 Alumni Banquet

The 2000 Banquet will be at Roaring Brook Ranch Resort, Route 9N, Lake George, NY. The Class of 1950 will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary. Other classes to be recognized are those who graduated in years ending in "5" and "0". The date is Saturday, June 17, 2000.

The banquet is for all alumni - not just those celebrating anniversary years. Special emphasis is placed on anniversary years, but all classes are invited and encouraged to attend. Tables are designated for anniversary year classes - look for your table!

The Association DOES NOT send out tickets or confirmations of reservations. You will receive a name tag with your dinner selection attached when you arrive for dinner.

Hors d'oeuvres will be served at 7:00 p.m. with dinner and dancing to follow at 8:00 p.m.. Please be sure to fill out the reservation form contained in this newsletter. Reservation deadline is June 3, 2000. If anyone is interested in overnight accommodations at Roaring Brook call them at 1-800-882-7665. Their local number is (518) 668-5767. Roaring Brook can be reached by taking Exit 21 from Route 87 (Northway) and turning on Rte. 9N toward Lake Luzerne. Roaring Brook is located approximately one mile from Exit 21 on the left.

Hallowed Hall
The "Hall" is located in the entry-corridor of the Main School on Lake Avenue and is an ongoing project. At the present time there are three display cases filled with pictures from pre-1927 through 1970. The work is continuing with the plan being to complete the cases up to 2001 by next year!

50-50 Raffle Winner
The winner of the 50-50 raffle held at last year's banquet (June 1999) was Tony McCutcheon (Betty Stokes' husband). He won $148.00. The Association portion of the proceeds went to the "Hallowed Hall."

A "Basket of Cheer," made and donated by Sally Gensel Deuel (Class of 1968) served as a door prize. The winner was Clarence Sutliff of Hadley.

Will You Help???
Help us keep the Alumni Association alive and well! Help is always needed finding addresses, writing articles, labeling newsletters, designing table arrangements, enlisting individual class participation (including the current graduating class) and much, much more. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Please contact a committee member to volunteer. If you know of an alumnus who is not receiving a newsletter, please give us the address. If you wish to be taken off our mailing list, please let us know.

The District, in cooperation with the local BOCES ,produces a quarterly newsletter. If you are interested in receiving one, please let us know (It is sent out by "bulk mail" so your correct address is very important).

1999 Banquet "Happenings"
Last year we were honored to have two members of the Class of 1927 with us - Ethel Boulton Ives and Winona Bowen Boggs. They have been faithful attendees of our banquets over the past five years. Thank you ladies! Also honored as she celebrated her 70th anniversary, was Constance Ives Baish, Class of 1929. She was presented with a teapot floral arrangement, made by Anneliza Alejandro, Class of 1998.

Not all the reunions at an Alumni Banquet are between former classmates. Here are some that were reported from last year:

Connie Ives Baish, the lone member of the Class of 1929, celebrated her special anniversary with former students from her days as a teacher in the one-room school on Towner Road in Luzerne. Sharing dinner with her were Rex Cotherman, '43 who came from Arizona, Bob Cotherman, '45, from Florida, and their sister Barbara Cotherman Towers, '47, from Porter Corners.

A different reunion occurred when Dottie Adams Schonefeld, '54, reminisced with her former babysitter, Myrtle Gilbert Aldrich, '37. Blanche Jowaiszes Byrnes, '49, hadn't seen Arlene Maida Martin, '64, and Maureen Maida Grenner, '61 in years. They were flower girls at Blanche's first wedding.

Bob Springer, '49, brought his mother to the Banquet. She was pleasantly surprised to see Bill Pabst, '59, who now lives in California. She used to work for Bill's dad, Danny Pabst (you oldie-but-goodies will remember hanging out at Pabst's soda fountain), and she watched the Pabst boys grow up.

Linda Briner Rumpf, '60, enjoyed bumping into Raymond Rogers, '56, here from Tennessee. They were friends during their teen years.

The memory of Claude Wright, a member of the class of '49, was honored by his family. Present were his wife Yvonne and their children Claude Jr. (Tink) '73, Nan Postlethwaite, '76, and husband Jim from Rochester, Carolyn Doyle, '77, from New Jersey, Colleen Pike, '78, and her husband Ed, Arthur (Mo) '82, and his wife Maureen, and Marlene Valenti, '79, and her husband Robert from Florida.

Marie Scofield Hearn, a Social Studies teacher during the mid-40's, enjoyed reminding Fred Gardner, '46, of a time when she sat him down in a chair and told him that even if he didn't particularly like being in school, he was there - so he might as well be learning something!

Aren't Alumni reunions interesting? You never know who will turn up!

Looking Back
An Alumni Association existed back in the 1930s and early 1940s, but lapsed during the war years. Post-war efforts to revive it failed and for almost 50 years it existed as either a memory or a dream.

The dream, in the form of a small note in the "School News" section of the Pennysaver News, early in 1995, invited people interested in forming an Alumni Association to a meeting. Several people responded, representing graduation years from 1933 through 1978. Enthusiasm was high and during the next few weeks there were more meetings, including one with a representative from the Corinth Alumni Association who shared their 90 years of experience with us.

The obstacles were formidable, not the least of which was the lack of funds and no mailing list. The HL TAP organization donated a gift of $100, followed by a loan of $100 from the Class of 1970. Others advanced money and several paid for tickets to a banquet that existed only on paper. By the middle of March we had accumulated $850 to make deposits on a banquet facility and a DJ and to help pay for postage, etc. Several people "volunteered" (they were there and there was a vacancy!) to be officers until a real election could be held. Everyone began the task of obtaining addresses of alumni and enlisted other alumni to help in this task. The Board of Education and the Superintendent were supportive and allowed the use of school copying equipment and the mailing permit to lower postage costs. The Hadley-Luzerne Alumni Association was in business!

The first banquet was held at the Ramada Inn in Lake George with 160 in attendance. It was a good start and we "made" enough money to pay the bills and our loans and had a nest egg to get a start on 1996. A decision had been made to honor classes on a 5-year rotation, although all Alumni would be welcomed each year. It was 1995, so we began by honoring classes ending in "0" and "5", as well as the 50 year class of 1945.

During the next year it was decided to display the various graduation pictures that were stored in the Queen Anne building. Thus began the "Hallowed Hall" located in the Main Building. Work continues, with three wall showcases completed and more to be constructed. All the proceeds from the 50-50 raffle, as well as some of the money from dues goes to this project.

1996 found us back at the Ramada, with an addition of a cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres, at the request of many who had attended the year before. Once again a buffet was offered. That year we honored the Class of 1946 and all those classes ending in "1" and "6". The turnout was rather disappointing, with only 107 in attendance.

The Ramada was not available in 1997, so the banquet moved to 1000 Acres in Stony Creek, with a sit-down dinner offered. There were 129 in attendance and not only was the fifty-year class (1947) honored, but also the Class of 1927 with 2 alumni present, Ethel Bolton Ives and Winona Bowen Boggs.

We returned to 1000 Acres in 1998, with a buffet this time, a turnout of 235, and a very HOT night! Those who attended will not soon forget that night. A very special, perhaps once in a life-time event occurred. Vivian Lindsey, a 1918 graduate, celebrated the 80th anniversary of her graduation!

It was obvious that we had outgrown 1000 Acres, so 1999 brought us to Roaring Brook Resort. The facilities were larger, the night was cooler (air conditioning better too!) and the 263 alumni and guests were happy. Connie Ives Baish, Class of 1929 observed the 70th anniversary of her graduation. The Class of 1959, celebrating their 40th, totaled fifteen members, the largest representation at the Banquet. Twelve members of the Class of 1969 gathered, representing the second highest members in attendance. The fifty-year class had eleven members, a tie with the Class of 1964.

Those "unofficial" officers from 1995 were duly elected to their positions and continue to guide the Association. Nancyann Bormann Rayder, '65, serves as President (and original chief organizer), David Cranston, '75 Vice President, Carol Sutliff Nelson, '70, Secretary, and Carolyn Hart Towers, '45, Treasurer. Currently Frances Gilbert Ellis, '33, Alix Towers Sanow, '78 (both from the onset), and Susan Goodness Monica, '66, serve as Directors. Many others have helped get the organization up and growing. Some have served as Directors, others have come to meetings (all are welcome) and offered help and insight. Many have helped prepare the mailings and as the saying goes, "Many hands make light work". Each and every one has been needed and appreciated. We have completed one rotation of years, and all classes have had the opportunity to be honored. The next decade will see the classes of the 1950's honored as the 50-year classes. We now look forward to the 21st century and what better way to celebrate it then with former classmates and friends! Hope to see you at Roaring Brook on June 17, 2000.

Moving ???
If you are planning to move please notify us of your address change (HLCS, 27 Ben Rosa Park, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846). The Post Office will NOT forward bulk mail.


Reservation Deadlines
It would be wonderful to be able to accept reservations right up until the day of the banquet - even at the door! But this isn't possible. Restaurants have cut off dates and organizers need time to organize. Call your classmates to let them know you are going to attend. Remind your family and friends to "get that reservation in."

Is this an anniversary year for you? Get on the phone, start writing letters (we may be able to help with addresses, or perhaps you can help us!), talk it up, plan a special weekend. Don't depend on someone else to get your class motivated - you be the mover and shaker!! Were you disappointed last year because you were the only one from your class? Did you have fun anyway? Then tell someone else and get going. AND... don't forget to send in your own reservation!

If you cannot attend the Banquet but would like to say "Hello" or "Guess Who?" please give David Cranston a call at (518) 696-2900 after 7:00 p.m. any night and he will tape a conversation with you. Several advisors have done this over the last two years and it has been great fun trying to guess who was talking!

HLCS Alumni Web Page
David Cranston has been busy creating a web page where alumni information is available. The e-mail address is HLCSalumni-subscribe@onelist.com There is also a website designed to reunite high school and college alumni. The address is www.classmates.com. According to Alix Towers Sanow, as of February there were 84 HL alumni signed up. Registration is free, but there is a membership fee of $25 for two years. This fee enables you to access e-mail addresses. A message board is featured where alumni can leave messages for a particular alumnus.

Renovation/Reconstruction at HLCS
On June 4, 1999 the voters of the District approved a $13.8 million renovation and construction plan. Work involves both the Main Building on Lake Avenue and the Stuart M. Townsend Middle School on Hyland Drive. The High School will benefit with new, state-of-the-art science labs, more remedial classrooms to help students meet the NYS Standards, installation of a divider in the George Doherty Gymnasium, as well as modernization of the existing Cafeteria. The Middle School will now house grades 3-8, with a distinct wing for grades 3-5. An expanded library/media center will allow students to use contemporary technology and new areas will be created to support special needs such as speech therapy, counseling, and related psychological support services. In total, twenty-one new classrooms will be built at the Hyland Drive site. Work will be done on the athletic field, parking lot and basketball court. If you stop in to see "us" this summer, you will find many exciting changes occurring. Completion is expected in the Fall of 2001.

History of District Schools
Carolyn Hart Towers has been doing some research into the history of the local schools. She thought it might be interesting to hear from some of you who attended the many one room schools in Day, Hadley, Lake Luzerne, and Stony Creek. Her research found that prior to centralization Luzerne had the HL Union School (LL District #1 and Hadley District #5), #2 Gailey Hill, #3 Call Street, #4 East River Drive, #5 Scofield or River Road, District #6 Buttermilk and Thomas Road,#7 Ferguson Hollow, #8 Pinewoods, and #9 Glens Falls Mountain Road. Hadley had #1 Wolf Creek, #3 Parker (Stewart Bridge), #4 Eddy Road, #7 Hadley Hill. There appear to have been eleven districts in Day and Stony Creek originally had ten districts with #4 and #7 being the last to close. Because much of the information is rather detailed, we would welcome your input which we could compile and include in a hand-out at the banquet. If you have information you would like to share, please get it to us as soon as possible. Maybe there could be some "mini-reunions" at the Banquet with "country school alumni." If so, let us know and check the reservation form!

Necrology of HLCS Graduates/Faculty
Several former classmates/faculty members passed away during the year. They include: Bertram Martin ('40), Jean Hawk Fowler ('38), Walter John Beattie ('35), Norman "Jay" Powers ('59), Karl Wendell ('66), Gilbert White ('38), Bessie Pixley ('41), Sandra Hughes ('64), Fred Gillies ('39), Bob Davis, Instrumental Music.

Sports/Extracurricular Activities Offered at HLCS
Boys and Girls Varsity, JV, and Modified Basketball, Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Varsity, JV, and Modified Wrestling and Soccer, Varsity, JV, and Modified Volleyball and Field Hockey, Varsity, JV, and Modified Softball and Baseball, Ski Club, SADD, Student Council, Varsity Club, Quiz Bowl, Jazz Ensemble, Chorus, Band, Honor Society, Yearbook, HS and MS Plays, participation in various county music festivals, parades, Peer Leaders, Natural Helpers, QUEST, Santa Sprint, Gifted and Talented programs, various elementary sports programs, class dances, Senior Formal, Junior Prom, annual Pico Slide trip for the HS and Great Escape trip for the MS, as well as numerous individual class activities.

Home Sweet Home
"What do you want to be when you grow up? If you had asked me that question in 1974, I would have replied, 'I want to be an archeologist or a veterinarian.' Back then I was a fourth grader in Room 201 at HLCS. My interest in the sciences continued throughout my years of school. After graduating in 1982, I went to college and earned a bachelor's degree in Environmental and Forest Biology. This was followed by several years of work as an environmental educator in New York, South Carolina, and Michigan. Through this work I found that I really enjoyed working with children. Eventually I completed a teacher education program in Michigan and decided to return to New York. Did I think that I would end up teaching in Lake Luzerne? Not necessarily, but I hoped I would be in the Adirondacks. Well, here I am, living near family and friends in the mountains I love. I've really come full circle, and oddly enough, you can find me teaching fourth grade in good old Room 201! And, if you drop by Room 201 you can still find that same interest in science, as my students tag migrating monarch butterflies, observe winter birds, build wooden cars, construct electrical circuits, and enter projects in an Earth Day competition."
Elaine Winslow - '82

"Hi Alumni! Following graduation I went to Plattsburgh State where I received my BS and MS in Elementary Education. I am currently working at HL as a second grade teacher. My husband Ed ('66) and I live in Lake Luzerne. We have attended the Alumni Banquet for the past two years. It is a great time! It is a chance to see old friends, as well as a time to make new friends. Hope to see you all there!"
Colleen Wright Pike - '78

"Yes, I'm still at HL Being a student for thirteen years here wasn't enough. I am completing my twenty-third year of teaching at HL as a teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped. After college, I returned to Lake Luzerne and married Bernard Sutliff ('70). We still live in town with our eleven year old daughter Hilary. It doesn't seem like it has been that many years since we graduated but... Bernard and I will be attending the Alumni Banquet to celebrate his 30th anniversary. Hope to see many of you there!"
Kathleen Johnson Sutliff - '71